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How to Build Muscle 101 – Your Complete, No-Nonsense Guide

The worst thing you can do when you start building muscle is to copy what you see in the muscle building and bodybuilding magazines. Don’t try to do things that professional bodybuilders do. You’re just getting started and they’re on a lot of steroids (which means they’ll benefit from almost any program, even unhealthy ones).

If you’re an average guy or gal, you need to follow a simple, no-nonsense approach to start building muscle fast. And you also need a guide to follow so you don’t overdo it in the beginning (which ultimately hurts your progress).

With that in mind, read on to discover…

How To Build Muscle – Ten Tips To Help You Build Muscle Fast!

Here’s the only “no-nonsense” guide you’ll ever need:

1. Focus on Christmas first – More strength always equals more muscle. Plus, it’s embarrassing to be really big and have no power. Also, strength is the foundation of every physical skill. If you are an athlete and want more endurance, speed, agility, etc., all of these physical attributes will improve as you improve your strength.

* Bodyweight Training – I recommend starting with bodyweight (BW) training first because you should master your bodyweight before trying to lift more weights in the form of iron. Practice the basics: push-ups, pull-ups, dips, squats, pistols, crunches, V-situations, etc. Progress to harder versions of each move as they become easy. BW training is also great for strengthening your hamstrings.

* Strength Training – Strength training is great for building strength. And you don’t need a lot of expensive equipment. The Olympic Barbell Set is all you need to get started. However, you always want to make sure you lift with proper technique. Be sure to start with an empty bar and work your way up.

* Kettlebell Training – is also a great strength builder. You’ll build strength at an odd angle and be able to do Olympic lifting style movements like the rip, clean and jerk, etc. with much less training than with a barbell. You can get through these exercises relatively quickly. And if something goes wrong, there’s less weight to drop on yourself or the floor.

2. Always use free weights – Avoid weight “machines” like the plague. The exercises that make you the strongest are done with a barbell. Compound exercises like the squat, deadlift, bench press, and overhead press will improve your strength and physique more than anything else.

Here are some other reasons to only lift with free weights (especially barbells):

* It’s safer – you don’t make unnatural assistive movements like you do with machines. Barbells and free weights build strength for the movements you need them for. You will also increase the strength of all your stabilizer muscles at the same time.

* More efficient – Because you use more muscles (more stabilizers) to lift, press and pull barbells and other free weights, you build more muscle with less effort.

* More functional – when you lift heavy objects off the floor… over your head and explosively perform the same actions as in real life. Which means the strength you gain in the gym carries over into every area of ​​your life.

* All-in-One – You can do every exercise you can imagine to get stronger, build muscle, burn fat and get in great shape with just barbells and weights. You don’t need a ton of weight training equipment to take up a lot of space (perfect for a home gym).

* Kettlebells are like a whole gym – just in a couple of small iron balls. Kettlebells require even less space, making them ideal for home gyms or travel.

3. Always do compound exercises – you want to build strength and muscle throughout your body, so train it as one unit. The only exception is if you discover that you have a muscle imbalance and then need to do isolation exercises to strengthen weak muscles and stretch “too tight” muscles (or injury will occur). For example:

* For Arms: Don’t do tricep kicks and lots of curls – do pull-ups, push-ups, push-ups and rips

* For legs: don’t do leg extensions and knee curls – do squats, kettlebell pistols and pull-ups

* For your chest: Don’t do flyes and pec blankets – do bench presses, overhead presses and dips, etc.

4. Work your legs. Hard. – Squats and pull-ups are full-body exercises. Thanks to this, they help to grow the muscles of the whole body. (You can actually put muscle on your chest and arms by tightening your legs) You also don’t want to have “chicken legs” with a huge upper body. Give yourself something stable to stand on.

You’ll look good if you can squat 1.5 times your body weight (doesn’t take long!) and the same amount (or more likely 2 times).

5. Whole body exercises are the rule – You need to do full body exercises. You don’t need to do isolation exercises. Why not get the best bang for your buck? Why not achieve maximum results in the shortest possible time in the gym. Here are 7 reasons why full-body workouts are better for building muscle and losing fat.

If you play a sport, you’ll be more athletic and get better results if you train your whole body. Kettlebells are great full-body tools because many of the exercises you do with them, such as pull-ups, cleans, presses, etc., work the entire body.

6. Recover as hard as you train – The more you overtrain, the slower your progress. Also, the bigger your muscles are, the more rest you need. You can actually gain 30 pounds of muscle if you train for a TOTAL of 4 hours – recovery is the key. Your muscles always grow OUTSIDE the gym, not in it. Here’s what to focus on.

* Rest. You don’t grow in the gym – do three intense workouts a week and get out. Rest when you are outside the gym. Meditation and relaxation are good because they reduce stress and cortisol levels, which help you build muscle and burn fat. Think quality over quantity when it comes to how much time you spend in the gym.

* Good sleep. Your body repairs itself while you sleep. Growth hormone and testosterone levels increase during deep sleep. Get a good 8 hours of sleep if possible. However, deep sleep is more important than quantity. If you can take a quick 20-minute nap after your workout, that’s great.

* Eat enough. Your body needs food for nourishment and recovery. Eat clean (more on that in a moment).

* Drink water. I try a gallon a day. Drink at least 2 cups with each meal. You need clean water to stay hydrated, and it’s great for a million other reasons too.

7. Eat clean. You want muscle mass, not fat, right? Eat clean. Everything in the box is BAD. Just accept it. Plan one “cheat day” a week so you don’t go crazy trying to eat clean. Avoid foods you’re trying to quit that are bad for you that day, so you’ll get sick of them and not want to eat them for the rest of the week. Perfection is hard to come by, so try to eat well 80% of the time. You will need (in order of importance):

* Protein: lean beef, chicken, eggs, whey protein and milk …

* Vegetables. broccoli, tomatoes, spinach etc…

* Fats. Fish oil, olive oil, real butter, nuts, etc…

* Fruits. Bananas, apples, oranges, avocados, etc…

* Carbohydrates. Whole grain and brown, no starch except after exercise

8. Supplement – Some people think you don’t need supplements, I say our food supply is weird for nutrition. What should you take…

* Whey Protein – Helps you get protein (more on that in a moment)…

* Fish oil – is the best supplement for absolutely everything related to health

* Superfood/Green drink – to get the herbal/green goodness you need

* Multivitamin – to get all your vitamins AND minerals

* Enzyme formula – for faster recovery and general health boost

* Creatine – for fast muscle building and a host of other health benefits.

9. Focus on protein. They say you need 1 gram per body weight to build muscle. I’ve never been able to do this consistently and I’m still building muscle and burning fat, but I always focus on protein (it’s not a protein-free meal in my opinion). In addition, protein has a higher thermic effect than other macronutrients, so it is also beneficial for fat loss. Here are some good sources of protein:

* Red meat. Ground, steaks, deer, buffalo, …

* Poultry meat. Chicken breast, whole chicken, turkey, duck, …

* Fish. Tuna, salmon, flounder, etc…

* Whole eggs. (yes, even the yolk.) Or do 80/20, 80 percent white, 20 percent yolk

* Milk products. Milk, cheese, yogurt and whey protein…

10. Never give up – Don’t be disappointed if you don’t get immediate results. Stay positive, a positive mental attitude is a must. Focus on the basics, get stronger, take small steps and before you know it, you’ll have come a long way. Subscribe to this site and visit often for more tips.

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