How Do I Create An If Then Formula In Excel Hypnosis For Incredible Life Impact – Programming The Vital Spirit Of Optimism And Success

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Hypnosis For Incredible Life Impact – Programming The Vital Spirit Of Optimism And Success

Do you wake up strong, confident, positive and ready every day? If not…WHY NOT?! And if not, what do you mostly feel after waking up?

Let me give you a spiritual power hypnosis strategy that will help you start thinking and feeling like life says yes (GO!). This strategy helps you create a mindset that fuels your best and drives you to achieve your best results and effectiveness. Just read the following instructions … and then “draw by numbers”.


When you wake up in the morning:

1.) Read the following affirmation for optimism and success aloud and strongly

feeling and belief.

2.) Then close your eyelids and imagine yourself as the embodiment of these ideals acting within you

your tasks and demands for the day ahead; see exactly what you’re doing (and how you’re doing it)

because they are fueled by this persuasive spirit of optimism and success:

o Experience imaginatively and enjoy exactly what you feel and know you can do. (And enjoy imagining how you masterfully do it!)

o And notice clearly and allow yourself to be enriched by how you feel by acting within your daily demands and acting as the articulate, success-commanding embodiment of this spirit of optimism. (Notice the decisive results you achieve, the impact you record and fully enjoy your proximity to excellence).

3.) Then slowly open your eyelids and begin with confidence, eagerness – and determination

strive to triumph – all your day!

And let the full, suggestive vigor of the spirit of optimism and success become your mental and spiritual fuel (every day) – the force that carries you forward – the successful ideal framework on which you can force your very life from then on!

[Engage this Spirit Of Optimism And Success process as outlined regularly, until you know its framework has become your attitude and outlook about life, your life – and the life you sense you can, and should be moving toward demonstrably creating!]

By embracing this indomitable spirit of optimism and success, you will:

o Know the Truth.

o See “The Invisible.”

o Embrace the possibility of winning as a real, imminent fact.

o Devote your soul to action…

o And then never look back!


Today I wake up with a twinkle in my eye…that’s right; I am excited about the many positive opportunities for personal gain and success that I expect, expect – and know – await me…

Today is a fresh and unique experience for me… today is my exciting opportunity to support and live out the realization that I am now more… and of course capable of more and internally motivated to do more and succeed. more than ever…

Today I expect and tend to produce more goodness and success in all that I do. I respect myself a lot more – and feel a strong and convincing belief in myself and my abilities – in everything I say and do…

When I start my day, my big day now – I feel alive, free and naturally charged with the energizing force of life…My mind is sharp, my inner vision is clear and I am naturally inclined to think about what represents the best for me – without exception and constantly what for me represents the best – the best that I now purposefully move towards… All day long. And I am delighted, indeed empowered, because every idea I have today is success-oriented and brilliantly optimistic, full of unwavering self-belief and the courage of conviction…

I see clearly and firmly believe myself to be a skilled, capable and efficient person… That’s right… And I know – completely and utterly – that today I can do whatever I need to do exactly as I need to do it. …And in everything I do, I naturally behave in this special way that constantly takes me from one positive achievement to another…

I now feel the confidence and overwhelming enthusiasm of this natural ability to succeed, which fills me with immense pride in who I am and a compelling, uncompromising belief that I have what it takes. That’s right, all that’s needed… because today I AM and all the life force of life is at my disposal…NOW…

Today, my thoughts, feelings, and every action I take confirm that not only do I need to succeed, but that I deserve the best – to happen, to enrich me, and to define my life, now… knowing and assuming that things will naturally go my way. for and for me…and that today is my big day…That’s right…And so today every action I take constantly confirms that I am designed to grow, designed to evolve, and naturally inclined towards excellence, efficiency and success …Now and in everything I do…It’s right!

This realization now fills me with invincible mastery and conviction to discover even more of the richness of life – the goodness and joy that I now perceive and accept await me today as my inevitable, impending destiny… For I now know and confess that I have the necessary skills and confidence – that’s right – EVERYTHING it takes to thrive and excel – and get the job done for good… With every action I take today, I naturally do the right thing, in the right way …which produces masterful personal triumph over time- from time to time!

As I engage in every situation today, I feel a growing, energizing excitement—a heightened sense of empowerment—knowing that more of the Maximum Me is naturally unfolding, constantly leading me to a higher level of influence… and to be even more effective in every situation. sequential task!

The graphic image of me as this permeable success now permeates every level of my mind – an action that incites power, compels me to create an unwavering affinity for excellence… NOW… just like that… and in every situation I meet…

In everything I do…and in every experience of my day, I think clearly and act with confidence and resourcefulness, fueled by the drive for striking achievement and decisive personal gain!

This morning, the full force of life flows through me in grand and abundant abundance, increasing my strength, strengthening my confidence, and strengthening my deep belief that power is emerging in me today – and capable, of course, driving efficiency – Now – right now. YES!

Even now I begin to feel that radiant power and positive expectation fill me completely as I contemplate victory, and the results of personal triumph await me – yes, await my faith and actions to claim them, starting NOW … that’s right – and all days. ..

And I rejoice in the new choices to move forward – and win – that I am making now…and the decisive opportunities for growth that I know await me in the future, Now…Right…I choose now to see and think exclusively to what I know to represent my TRUE degree of ingenuity, my true ability, and my true capacity for success, which dictates the effect of action… That’s right…

Today I am exactly as I want to be, exactly as I must be, fueled by an invincible conviction and expectation that compels me to be exactly as I should be—yes—for my greatest good and personal success. .That’s right…And I experience this empowering transformation that continues to strengthen me – even now… releasing the resources hidden within me and decisively increasing my confidence as I look forward to the esteem-enhancing and naturally growth-inspiring results I receive.

– indeed, purposefully creating today… Because I am now naturally inspired – in fact driven – to achieve success, create enriching personal benefits and make a stronger personal impact, a life-advancing great day – EVERY DAY – the brazen fact of my life…now.. .YES!

Right now, I embrace the absolute vision of certainty that decisive personal growth and advancement in life will come from my results today – that I will continually move forward through masterful performance and thoroughly, demonstrably succeed at every task and activity, yes – every single…

I now create a compelling closeness to create and experience personal triumph because I am created to live and act as a fulfilling and guiding force in life – I exist to masterfully demonstrate the depth of my abilities that I truly possess… Now… .Just like that.. .right now and in everything I do!

Today is my day, my great day, because I naturally express the best within me and constantly take the initiative to get exactly what I want – and produce exactly what I know I can. In every situation I encounter, I automatically think, “YES, I CAN – WAIT FOR LUCK AND VICTORY!” I support this ideal with uncompromising zeal…

Activating every fiber of my will, I naturally now strive to achieve and flourish; I feel radiantly alive, enthusiastic, and inspired to act now with the ever-increasing belief that all things and conditions are natural to me…and to me by a vital, compelling force naturally present to triumph—in every single task , housework and responsibilities I’m dealing with… YES – STARTING NOW …

And so now, fueled by full emotional strength and faith, all my undertakings are purposefully directed to produce a final, indeed, striking effect of success; In every activity today, I masterfully strive to achieve a specific result that I now know I can achieve!

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