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Women Who Love Too Much?

Do women love too much?

I’m sure you’ve heard this title or formula either from the media or from your girlfriends complaining that they’re the ones making the sacrifices in a relationship.

But is it really possible to love too much?

First, we should agree on a definition of love so we can see who the heroes are behind it. And it’s a near-impossible mission, since thousands of years of evolution didn’t significantly improve the way we live or understand love, much less the existence of a love and relationship handbook.

But because we’re human, we compromise and accept that love is a deep emotion that fills your soul, gives you meaning, and makes you worthy of deeper levels of human interaction.

The problems arise when, for many women, love is really a triumph of imagination over reason.

And I’m not going to be a misogynist (not me) and extend this pathological side of love to men as well. Many women and men actually become attached to the feeling of love, the intense chemical revolution triggered in the brain by the projections awakened by that feeling, and begin to engage in unhealthy forms of “love”.

More often than not, love is misinterpreted as affection, an illusion spiced up by intimate friends – possessiveness and jealousy along the way.

Women who love too much are women who continue to invest in a relationship even though all signs indicate that they should move on. The women who love too much are the ones who give too many second chances, the women who have an irrational hope that things will change or get better even after years of gradual decline in the relationship.

Women who love too much are women who keep on giving and giving without getting nearly half in return, are women who understand forgiveness with naivety.

Apparently, it is more characteristic of women, because social stereotypes, religion, morality and family upbringing consider women to be the bearers of forgiveness, understanding and the keeper of the family nest.

And because this society is still misogynistic, with higher paid men, discrimination against women in employment, far fewer women in high key positions, and the sex industry mainly exploiting women, it is a biased society. forces women to make decisions based on many reasons other than “free love”.

Women who love too much tend to become more emotionally and financially attached, centering their lives on the man, filling their lives with his life.

Women who love too much are women who give up searching for a personal meaning in their lives, whose main task is to build a pedestal for the relationship and their husband, who find meaning in the nesting of emotional attachment, the efforts that pay off the most. since then with indifference and neglect.

And this happens because one of the secrets of a healthy relationship is independence. And if your partner is burdened by your expectations because you give so much, they will most likely try to run away and withdraw – the exact opposite effect you were hoping for.

If, on the other hand, you show independence on all levels – emotional, sexual, financial, intellectual – your will becomes a wanted person – everyone is secretly looking for this type of partner. It’s just a complex web of our minds that doesn’t allow us to be aware of our desires or express them freely.

If a person has found happiness and satisfaction with his life choices, then the relationship is not an expression of a need or a desire to escape from loneliness, but a desire to share the beauty of life, to enjoy it together. perceptions and individual actions.

But more often than not, people get into relationships for the wrong reasons. I think it’s a kind of weird pleasure to experience that sense of ownership, that we belong, some unreal sense of security that we wish we were real, that nothing bad would ever happen, and that our existence is validated by being seen. and the loved one acknowledges it forever.

We are sold this lie from the very beginning of our marriage: vows, promises that we make to each other with a spark of unreal happiness in our eyes – because life around us shows us that we are wrong at every turn. And yet we continue to lie to ourselves and make irrational emotional investments—a kind of shared madness.

Another reality of life is that at some point we have to come to terms with insecurity, which is an irreconcilable principle of life, yet we try to deny it or escape it in any way we can.

Learning to tolerate some uncertainty and even enjoy the mystery of life, confident in your ability to attract ever-rewarding experiences, gives you the strength and freedom to not be possessive and needy in a relationship.

Gives you that confidence and noble aura that’s always so seductive because everyone is subconsciously looking for that: to find balance within yourself and achieve a level of happiness that doesn’t depend on people or external factors. And when they see that in you, they follow you like a magnet – they want to be close to someone they want to be like.

Women who love too much can learn to love themselves more than others and find excitement and fulfillment in different dimensions of life – life is so generous that it offers opportunities to do something great. You may not receive the noble prize, but you will receive an Oscar at your award ceremony for a life lived from an original screenplay – yours!

And then you can switch places and be the one who is loved too much – with real, conscious love!

These are the moments when an objective and qualified opinion can provide insight and objectify situations that are otherwise difficult and may take a long time to resolve. I promise that my experience not only with clients but also as a player of this game qualifies me to give you the help you need in difficult times.

Seek out an experienced therapist when anxious times knock on your door: You may be so stressed and lost in understanding that a rational, objective opinion may be just the help you need. Relationships can be beautiful, it’s just that we all need to become craftsmen with a PhD in the art and science of relationships!

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