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Secrets of the Millionaire Mind

Meet Andy, a low level manager at a super-market. During his free time, Andy is busy chasing some new business venture all the time. Every time you talk to him, he has started a new business “opportunity”. He tried to make money online. He bought and tried several of those programs to work at home and make money at home. He tried to sell using his own website. He even bought and tried some of those great programs to make money in real estate and investing in the stock market and commodities. And a few more he can’t even remember right now. He is always starting a new business venture! When you ask him what happened to the previous venture, he will tell you that it was not the right one for him and that this new venture is a ‘sure’ winner. This time he will make it real big!

A short time ago, Andy had the opportunity to go to his twenty-year high school reunion.

From the moment he arrived to his class reunion, he mesmerized his former classmates with big stories about all the business ventures he was involved with. As usual, he managed to keep from them the fact that all his ventures failed! Andy was the center of the party. All his former classmates were feeling jealous of Andy’s phenomenal success! Even though he lacked a college education, he was very good at telling big lies and have people believe them!

After a while he decided to go into the garden and get some fresh air. He felt real ashamed because he was always telling lies in order to cover up for his failures and his many shortcomings.

As Andy was struggling with his feelings of shame, he heard footsteps. It was his former classmate, John. Without even a warning, John asked point blank “Andy, why are you such a liar? It looks like you fooled everybody in the party. But you didn’t fool me at all”

Andy didn’t know what to say. His silence was answer enough.

John asked “Andy, why do you have to lie like that? And what’s that obsession of yours with having so much money in the bank?”

Andy started sobbing as he replied “Because I am tired of living from paycheck to paycheck and ashamed of it. In my family we could never afford all the good ‘stuff’. I remember all our past Christmases. My father would come home tired from working like a slave to put food on the table, pay for the rent and buy us some cheap clothes because he could not afford anything better. Poor dad. I really felt sorry for him. He was working like a slave at a job he disliked and was making his bosses rich and all my poor dad was getting was a lousy paycheck. He looked like all life was sucked out of him. He rarely laughed. You could only see despair and hopelessness in his eyes. He was old beyond his time”

John said “Those were very unhappy days which left for you bitter memories, right?”

Andy replied in a very somber tone “I try not to think about those days. All I can remember is listening to my parents say over and over again ‘we cannot afford it’, ‘we are not rich, you know’, ‘we will never be rich’, ‘all the rich people are crooks’. We never had the wonderful Christmas gifts other kids were getting. Man, life was real hard during those days. And I don’t want to have to die like my father, poor, broke and disillusioned from life”

Taking a deep breath, Andy continued “I guess I don’t have the education and I think I am as not smart as the people making the big bucks. Just like my father, it is just hard for me to make money. Life is just hard, real hard! My parents were right when they told me I would never get rich. I never get any breaks. I will never be able to afford all the things I want. I just see no hope. To tell you the truth, I feel like a total loser. When I see people like Bill Gates or Donald Trump, I think it is just my fate to be poor, broke and struggle all my life”

John asked “And what do you think is the solution to your problems?”

Andy replied “I will have to just keep trying harder until I get something that works for me”

John said, “Haven’t you tried hard enough? Andy, you got it all wrong. You don’t realize you are the only one to blame”

Andy replied “What? I am killing myself trying to succeed and you tell me I am the only one to blame? You’re crazy”

John said “Let’s see. I will repeat to you some of the things you said to me. Feel free to correct me if I am wrong. Here we go. You said life is real hard, especially for you, right? You believe you are not smart enough or have enough education to make the big bucks, correct? You also believe that it is real hard and difficult to make money, isn’t it? You believe all the rich people are crooks, which implies you’d rather be honest than rich, correct? You further believe you will never be rich, that you have to work real hard for your money, that in order to succeed financially it will take a lot of hard work, sweat, suffering and struggles. correct? And we’re not finished yet because you also believe you never get any breaks and that maybe this is your fate in life, isn’t it? Did I miss anything?”

In a sad tone of voice, Andy replied “You covered just about everything”

John laughed and said, “Congratulations, Andy. With all those beliefs, you are not attracting money to you. You are not a money magnet, you are a MONEY REPELLENT!”

Andy almost screamed and said “Me, a money repellent? John, how can you say that?”

John replied, “Andy, you are repelling money because of your Self-Image”

Andy said “My what? What is that mumbo jumbo?”

John said “Andy, I want you to listen very carefully because what I am going to say will change your life forever”.

John continued “The sum total of what you believe to be absolutely true about yourself, money, people, the world and the universe makes up what is known as your Self-Image. Your Self-Image sets the limits to what you can or cannot be, to what you can or cannot do, what you can or cannot achieve, what you can or cannot have . . . Andy, did you ever notice that your physical reality and your lousy financial situation seem to MYSTERIOUSLY coincide EXACTLY with what you believe and think all day long, a faithful ‘picture’ of your Self-Image?”

Andy replied “Hummm. I never really noticed that. You mean to tell me that my constant negative beliefs and thoughts are creating all these miserable circumstances in my life? Tell me more about this”

John continued, “In this physical reality, no belief goes un-rewarded, every single belief has its consequence. The Law of Life is the Law of Belief, also known as the universal LAW OF ATTRACTION. “Whatever you deeply believe, you will materialize in your life”. Your ‘outside’ world, your physical reality, is nothing more and nothing less than the ‘out-picturing’, the ‘materialization’ of your Self-Image. In other words, Andy, YOU and ONLY YOU CREATE YOUR OWN REALITY through your Self-Image”

Andy’s eyes opened wide as he exclaimed “But what is the connection to me getting rich?”

John said “Andy, think of life as a river, an unlimited river flowing all the time. This river of life carries with it all the wealth, riches, money, abundance, health, love, success, happiness, joy you could ever imagine. You have to be careful, though, because this same river also carries with it all the diseases, troubles, problems, limitations poverty and misery in the world”

John continued, “You select the good ‘stuff’ by carefully choosing your beliefs and the thoughts you think all day long. Then, by the universal Law of Attraction, you beliefs and thoughts will attract to you only the good ‘stuff’ from the river of life. Unfortunately, most people, because of their negative beliefs and thoughts, are attracting all the bad ‘stuff’ most of the time. They got no one else to blame but themselves”

Andy anxiously asked “I want to make money, lots of money. How do millionaires, multimillionaires and billionaires tap into this river of unlimited abundance?”

John replied, “They do it with their Self-Images. They KNOW their Self-Image is their most valuable possession. That’s why the super rich are constantly working on improving their Self-Images. Using very simple but extremely powerful TECHNIQUES that YOU can EASILY learn and apply, believe it or not, the super rich FIRST erase and eliminate from their minds all those limiting beliefs, notions and ideas in conflict with their goals. SECOND, they train themselves to FOCUS only on their goals, on success, on winning. They keep working inside their minds until they completely convince themselves that success is absolutely inevitable.And THIRD, they fully activate the powers of their Subconscious minds, the magic Genie inside their heads, to GUIDE them effortlessly to succeed in everything they do!”

As Andy listened carefully, John continued, ” The super rich ALWAYS see themselves as WINNERS in the inside of their heads. They live all the time in a state of ‘Think and Grow Rich’ mentality, a state of mind where there is no room for failure, only success. Their Self-Images make them MAGNETS to money, wealth, riches”

Andy interrupted John by asking “But how can anyone FOCUS on success, prosperity, abundance when you see all the misery and problems of the world?”

John replied, “The super rich also face this challenge, just like any other human on this planet. The difference is that the super rich KNOW some simple but powerful techniques they use to train their minds and FOCUS only on success and winning”

Andy was shaking his head as John said “Andy, correct me if I am mistaken, I bet you are constantly rehearsing in your mind all the bad things that could happen to you in the future, including lack of money. It didn’t happen yet, but you are already imagining future lack and failure in your mind, isn’t it?”

Andy said, “But, isn’t that normal? Doesn’t everybody worry about the bad things that could happen to them some day?”

John replied, “Not the super rich. They know that if they imagine any future disaster with enough intensity and persistence, like most people do, they will most certainly attract that disaster to themselves, sooner or later. Instead, by focusing on what they want to achieve, they attract those desired outcomes to themselves! And their positive, winning Self-Image, is constantly attracting to these super-rich fellows all the right business opportunities, the right people, the right connections, the right conditions and circumstances to continue winning. Everything becomes EASY and even FUN for them”

So, Andy said “Let me get this straight. You are telling me that until I change what I believe about myself and about money and I get rid of all those dark, negative, failure thoughts I think all day long, I will never succeed, right?”

John replied “Right. Andy, think about this very carefully . . . What do you need to believe and what do you need to think all day long in order to have the financial success you desire?”

Andy replied “Well, I need to believe in myself, that I am a winner, that I will succeed, that I am a money magnet, that I am good at making money, that things are going to be EASY for me … Wait a minute… Wait just a minute here … Isn’t that what these super-rich people believe?”

John said “Yes!”

Andy continued “So, if I could believe what these super rich people believe and think the same way they do, I will achieve similar successful results and everything will be EASIER and more FUN for me, right? If I did that, I couldn’t possibly fail and I would be able to achieve all my financial goals a lot easier, right?”

John replied “You are absolutely right”

Andy was almost jumping up and down as he said to me “That means I was an IDIOT all these years, that I wasted lots money, time and energy with all those programs I bought to make money, right?”

John answered “No, You simply did things backward. FIRST, you should have made the necessary changes to your inadequate Self-Image BEFORE doing anything else. Then, you should have activated the awesome powers of your Subconscious mind to GUIDE you to succeed. AFTER doing that, you can buy, study and use those business programs. Starting a new business with an inadequate Self-Image is your best formula for failure. Starting a new business with the ‘RIGHT’, winning Self-Image will guarantee your success, no matter what type of business you choose”

Andy uttered, “I never heard that before”

With excitement in his voice, Andy asked “What do I have to do to start believing and thinking like the super rich people? That looks like mission impossible!”

John said “Not really. All you need to do is use these super rich as your ‘role models’. And that can be achieved rather EASILY when you DOWNLOAD into your mind the winning Self-Image of the millionaires, multimillionaires and billionaires”

Andy said “Yes, but isn’t that very hard?”

Very patiently, John continued, “Look, Andy, it is real simple. It is only as difficult and boring or as easy and fun as you believe it will be”

“How does John know all that?, YOU, the reader, may be asking by now.

Andy finally spoke “John, you are a multimillionaire, you are the most successful guy in our class, you are super rich, you have million of dollars in the bank, gorgeous houses all over the country, your own personal jet . . . you are literally drowning in money . . . Tell me, honestly, is those ‘secrets’ you are talking about the reason for your phenomenal success?”

John thought very carefully and then said “Yes, Andy, I owe everything to those ‘secrets’ and to the old gentleman who taught me how to use those ‘secrets’ many years ago when I was at the lowest point in my life, when I was totally lost and in a lot worse shape than you are right now”

As Andy opened his mouth in total shock, John said “I KNOW my Self-Image is my most valuable possession. Therefore, I never start any new projects or set new goals without checking my Self-Image FIRST. I always work on my Self-Image BEFORE I start on any new project or set a new goal. I keep constantly asking myself ‘What is my current Self-Image in relation to my new goal?’ If I find my current Self-Image to be inadequate, I get busy changing it”

John continued, “Then, using techniques that anyone can EASILY learn, I do what all super rich people do . . . ‘deliberately’ direct my Subconscious mind to GUIDE me to ‘automatically’ think the thoughts and do all the things necessary for me to achieve all my goals, quickly, easily and having FUN”.

Then, John said, “It’s like I have this magic Genie who guides me in everything. That’s the RIGHT sequence and those are the FIRST things you MUST learn in order to be truly successful”

All excited Andy said, “So, John, it’s all about beliefs, right?”

John replied,”Not entirely, Andy. Some will tell you it is all about beliefs. I am telling you, it is all about ‘beliefs’ AND being able to IMPRINT into your BRAIN CELLS the so called Millionaire Mind of the super rich, all the beliefs, values, rules, attitudes and behaviors of the super wealthy individuals. And for that you must learn the right TECHNIQUES. With the wrong techniques, you will go nowhere. You must learn the ‘right’ techniques”

Now that he got Andy’s full attention, John proceeded to introduce him to the closely guarded “secrets’ of the millionaires, multimillionaires and billionaires, the REAL ‘secrets’ of John’s extraordinary success, the exact same ‘secrets’ ‘ that YOU can also easily learn to have all the money, wealth, riches and success you always wanted but did not know HOW TO achieve!

Will Andy do something with what he learned? If he is like most people, he will put it under the rug and keep blaming his childhood, his parents, the universe, other people or his bad karma. And he will continue believing the same old limiting beliefs, which will make him have the same old attitudes and behaviors, which will keep him getting the same useless, results.

Are you going to learn and use the ‘Secrets’ of the millionaires, multimillionaires and billionaires … or find more EXCUSES to justify you are a loser?

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