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Metal Toxicity Causes Depression

Your exposure to heavy metal toxicity comes at you from many different directions, and it shouldn’t come as a complete surprise that rates of depression, insomnia, and neurodegenerative disorders such as autism, bipolar disorder are on the rise.

There is no safety margin.

Heavy metal toxicity has no safety margin, even the smallest amounts of these toxic metals can gradually build up in your soft tissues and bones, as is the crystal clear case of babies and children being fraudulently given multiple toxic mercury vaccinations. This onslaught of accumulative heavy metal exposure, which may have started in your childhood, has by now resulted in lots of bits of mercury and other similar metals lurking in your tissues and bones, like ticking time traps ready to wreak havoc. your health.

Some people experience health problems almost immediately after initial exposure, while many others experience a lag. You can find aluminum in vaccines, popular antiperspirants, and many cosmetics, nail polishes, and pots and pans in your kitchen today.

Baby bottles, plastics and infant formulas.

On April 19, 2008, the New York Times reports that Health and Environment Canada have (finally) banned plastic baby bottles because they are made of polycarbonate, the main ingredient of which is BPA (bisphenol-a). ), a widely used chemical that also mimics the human hormone, is indeed toxic.

Senator Charles E. Schumer of New York, ah yes! occasionally these good people come to their senses, and usually not for long, has taken action to protect your health, plans to introduce a bill to ban many uses of BPA-related plastics, including non-food items that can be used by young children. in their mouths. This ban also includes anything used to contain food or beverages, such as the use of BPA liners inside Infant Formula cans.

Reader, were you a child before?

Canadian Health Minister Tony Clemont told assembled reporters that more than 150 clinical trial reports prove that the use of BPA in baby bottles causes behavioral and neurological symptoms later in life. Bingo! That hits the nail right on the head. Here is one of the causative factors of depression, bipolar disorder, autism, AD/HD and the list goes on.

Then there’s lead in peeling paint and old water pipes. As if that wasn’t enough, even CNN on April 19, 2008 reported that the good folks at the US Consumer Product Safety Commission in New Jersey have issued dire warnings about the health risks of lead found in schools, parks and artificial turf. stadiums across the country.

To begin with, reader, there are over 3,500 such fields in this country, and would you believe that about 800 more are installed each year. It is indeed frightening enough that two such fields in this state, Frank Sinatra Park in Hoboken and the College of New Jersey in Ewing, have been placed off limits after when unacceptably high lead content (as lead chromate) was detected in the synthetic material. lawn.

According to Dr. Eddy Breswitz, an epidemiologist in that state, you, your child, or anyone playing on such fields can easily inhale toxic lead or even ingest it as tiny fibers or dust in the air. Lead causes brain damage and other illnesses, especially in children, and the same effects can occur later in adulthood after years of so-called hibernation.

Then there’s industrial pollution, the use of pesticides, herbicides on your lawn or garden, and don’t forget the nasty artificial additives in processed foods and artificial drinks. Monosodium glutamate is clinically well known for its damaging effects on your nervous system.

Making the connection is clinically easy, but while the EPA has very, very tepidly and with a velvet hammer come up with exposure limits to keep the public safe from heavy metals, mainstream medicine has yet to fully recognize the dangers that heavy metal toxicity poses on a daily basis, at least to the human body. Consequently, many subtle ailments that accumulate over time are mistakenly attributed to a different cause.

You can well guess what happens when the root cause of ill health is not identified and properly addressed. Meanwhile, the only generally accepted method of detoxifying or removing heavy metals is a complex and expensive process known as intravenous chelation, which is only available in specialized clinics. This takes a lot of time and often depletes your body of essential micronutrients.

Introducing a clinically safe natural chelator.

This natural chelate, called MCP, is a complex polysaccharide of the polyuronide class. Reader, don’t worry, this writer will simplify it for you soon; and you are very familiar with its components unless they need to be in a very specific form. Its molecular structure is the key to its ability to bind and eliminate heavy metals efficiently and safely and in a very short time.

In solution, it forms a so-called eggshell, in which long negatively charged fiber chains stick together in groups that create pockets. The positively charged metal cations are attracted to these chains and thus released from your soft tissues. They are then trapped in the pockets of the egg carton, where they are very easily expelled from the body. Its excretion efficiency is amazing, just as Mother Nature intended, because the main barrier to intravenous chelation occurs in the digestive tract.

Even if a substance has succeeded in releasing and binding toxins from your tissues, this process is often easily reset in your gut, where the heavy metals are easily reabsorbed. The only way to prevent this is to somehow block reabsorption so that all the toxins are removed along with your body’s waste products.

Therefore, this natural chelate has a lover Alignates.

Alginates are another amazing group of polyuronides derived from a type of seaweed that have historically been used to treat acute radiation poisoning. Oh yes, you guessed right, like MCP, the structure of alginates allows heavy metals to be trapped in pockets. Thus, by combining the two, the reabsorption of toxins in the intestine is avoided.

Just as importantly, neither of these natural two can bind to your essential micronutrients, so you don’t run the risk of becoming deficient in them during your home detox process. Remember that the removal of heavy metals from your tissues and bones is gradual, clinically proven to be safe and effective with no side effects.

Detox your body with just two MCP capsules a day.

Clinical reports from September 1991 in Biomedical Environmental Science, yes, of course, it’s almost two decades ago, make a very clear connection between long-term exposure to toxins and the development of disease.

Reports clearly show that diseases caused by toxic exposure to heavy metals can be reversed very effectively, safely, gently, cheaply and without any bad side effects. Take the example of a 63-year-old woman who had a history of exposure to toxic metals and suffered from chronic anxiety and depression as a result.

Within two months of being on MCP, her lead levels dropped by 100% and her mercury levels dropped by 83%. He hadn’t felt better in years until the MCP came. The remaining mercury is due to her teeth having toxic fillings.

Then there is a 57-year-old man with suspected mercury exposure who has a ten-year history of headaches, constipation, IBS, and a family history of Alzheimer’s disease. Within twelve months of using MCP, his mercury dropped 73% and almost all of his health complaints disappeared.

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