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Health – Weight Loss Myths and Realities

Weight loss is at least a $100 billion industry with double-digit growth rates. That’s why EVERYONE would want to be a part of it – doctors, drug companies, nutritionists, authors, supplement companies, food companies, gyms, exercise equipment, shoes – all aspects of lifestyle can play into this market and their messages. Where do you go and who listens? How to maintain a body style and shape that suits you?

If you are someone who is concerned about your current body shape, this is a very useful essay – if you are not currently concerned about your body shape, use it to help others make smart personal choices and plan for themselves.

This article focuses on three areas – the size and scope of the problem or the fact that you are not alone; why you gain weight and three common weight loss myths.

You are not alone

A problem in North America, and a growing problem in the world in general, is weight control. Baby boomers (post-WWII) and later generations are at a unique juncture—a highly mobile, industrialized society with highly liquidated, highly processed but nutrient-poor foods served in large quantities with an emphasis on speed of preparation.

As a result, the following conditions have emerged across the country

  • 65% of the population is overweight.
  • 33% of children are obese or at risk

Amazingly, this is the tip of the iceberg; Over the past two generations, weight management related diseases/diseases have exploded in all age groups.

  • Type 2 diabetes
  • Acid reflux
  • Cancer
  • Cholesterol
  • Blood pressure
  • Stress
  • Tiredness
  • Erectile dysfunction

These conditions are at the heart of the nation’s current health crisis and are lifestyle issues, all moderately to highly controllable by the individual. Example: 70% of all deaths in the US are caused by heart disease, cancer or stroke and 50% by humans. these deaths are diet-related.

Why are you gaining weight?

We demystify weight management. In general, it is quite simple, but specifically, each person needs to customize the program according to their needs. That’s not a cop out – it’s just saying that everyone’s body chemistry is slightly different and the individual must take the general principles and translate them into a personalized program.

It’s true what some companies say – “diets don’t work” BUT they won’t tell you why. First, because you can’t stick to them (like the grapefruit diet) – so you do a rollercoaster; second, most programs don’t come with support – people lose, maintain or gain weight best if they have a support system, usually a trainer they can talk to – not friends or your partner/spouse. Third, the person is really not serious. Real and sustainable results take time – talk is cheap. An ounce of commitment is worth a pound of promises – stick to it!

You’re currently eating healthy and can’t lose weight – watch what you eat (be honest). For example, low-fat yogurt. Although the term “low” is relative, everything that says low fat means that it contains a lot of sugars and vice versa, or take salads, you will ever see someone eating a salad and putting a ton of dressing on it, or a person who gets a burger and fries. and then there’s Diet Coke to “cut” calories – the list goes on. A good nutrition program looks like this:

What the body needs… The American Diet… Nutritional Diet

  • Sugar… High… Low
  • Fat… High… Low
  • Salt… High… Low
  • Calories… High… Low
  • Protein… Low… High
  • Fiber… Low… High

Here’s the math behind why we all gain weight. According to the American Diet, an average number of calories consumed per day = 4000. An average number of calories is needed to maintain the body = 2000. Net increase in waist per day = 2000 calories. WOW!

This does not take into account the lower nutritional value of calories from processed foods. Example: The pasteurization process that milk goes through kills all bacteria, both good and bad. By destroying the good bacteria, they destroy most of the nutritional value and taste of the milk. A slightly lower temperature would kill the bad ones and leave the good ones, but it’s a little more expensive, so dairy companies don’t use it. You can’t tell me that an out-of-season greenhouse tomato has anything like the taste of a vine right away. “Organic” or otherwise doesn’t matter. This is processing.

Weight loss myths

We all have our own stories when it comes to weight loss – let’s break down the BIG myths:

  1. It’s all about calories – NO. Unhealthy weight loss is all about calories. HEALTHY weight loss is Nutrition. You need fewer calories than you have BUT it has to be balanced or you will be hungry all the time and cheat. Also, don’t fall for those ads about eating packaged foods and getting ripped abs – it’s not going to happen.
  2. It’s all about exercise – NO. Exercise is a supplement, not a substitute for fewer calories. The exercise is designed to tone and shape the muscles and this it takes a LOT of exercise to burn calories. Don’t fall for the equipment ads that tell you 20 minutes a day of routine exercise can build those muscles – you need a lot of exercise with the right diet, usually a lot more lean protein.
  3. I can’t lose weight Myth – YES YOU CAN. EVERYONE can lose weight Here is reasons people don’t have long term success – cheating, too little water/detox and too many wrong calories

The Magic Answer/Formula

Now you know the extent of the problem and you are not alone in the battle of the bulge. You also know why you gain weight and the big myths that companies, friends, doctors and nutritionists tell us. Here’s a framework you can use with the right support coach to make great choices that fit your lifestyle.

  • Healthy/can maintain weight loss = proper diet
  • Faster loss = exercise
  • Tone and shape = more exercise

The right diet – your choice – your results

Refined/simple carbohydrates: sugars, white bread, rice and pasta, fruit juice and white potatoes. High hunger control But it only lasts 10 minutes – that’s what makes you constantly hungry.

Complex carbohydrates: fruits, vegetables. and whole grains (whole-grain cereals, brown rice, whole-grain pasta and bread). Creates a low feeling of hunger that lasts 30-60 minutes.

Lean protein: chicken, fish, lean beef, egg whites and soy products. Average hunger control that lasts 2-3 hours

Complex carbohydrates + lean protein: meal replacement shakes, balanced meals and balanced snacks. High hunger control that lasts 3+ hours. THIS IS THE BEST.

Find out what works for you. Remember that you don’t have to settle, you are great just the way you are, and take personal responsibility for whatever choices you choose to make.

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