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Persistence – On the Road to Success

There is an increase. A brutal 200 meter climb at a 45 degree angle on a tarred road. I sprinted it uphill. It cracks me up every time.

I’m afraid of it. But I’m not afraid of it.

The goal? To sprint it at 100% power

I’m getting closer every week

I’m getting stronger every week

I’m getting faster every week

This is persistence.

I’ve looked it dead in the eye and said, “You, I got you.” Just a matter of time

And so, I found, it is with life

If our goal is to achieve something of value, it is imperative to familiarize yourself with perseverance and tenacity, many paths lead to success, but nothing beats sheer persistence over time.

How long?

When Jim Rohn was asked; “How long should I try,” he replied calmly, “until.”

A great example of this can be found in the story of Colonel Harland Sanders, the founder of KFC. I’ll borrow an excerpt from an article I read:

“When Colonel Harland Sanders (founder of KFC) retired at age 65, he had nothing to show for himself except an old Caddy roadster, a $105 monthly pension check and a recipe for chicken.

Knowing he couldn’t live off his retirement, he picked up his chicken recipe, got behind the wheel of a van and started making his fortune. His first plan was to sell his chicken recipe to restaurant owners, who in turn would give him a cut of 5 cents per chicken for every piece of chicken sold. The first restaurateur he called turned him down.

So did the other

And the third

In fact, Colonel Sanders’ first 1,008 sales pitches ended in rejection.

Nevertheless, he continued to call the owners while traveling in the US and slept in the car to save money. Prospect number 1009 gave him his first yes.

And KFC was born. “

This is just one example of persistence – there are thousands of such stories.

The longer you stay, the more focused you will be on your goal. The more focused you become, the better equipped you are to achieve it.

Sometimes you are tempted to give up when the going gets tough, you wonder if it is time to accept defeat and move on. You find yourself googling “when is it time to give up?” browse through various articles, but none really hit home.

That’s because the truth is, only you know when, and the answer is “never.”

Never give up

An example

A friend’s aunt once told me a story about how a few years ago her goal was to get well. To do this, he had to give up drinking, smoking, lose 20 kilos and start a regular exercise program.

He was cured and it only took him 8 years. I was in awe; ‘8 years?’ I asked, he nodded yes. And went on to explain the process; the alcohol had to go first because he had tried to quit smoking in the past, but when he drank alcohol he had a strong urge to smoke. So the alcohol had to go. And it took a while.

When he finally gave up alcohol, the next step was to quit smoking, because he needed his lungs to be healthy in order to get well. If he skipped this step, his bad lungs would get in the way and he would have difficulty breathing when he exercised. And previous attempts to quit smoking also taught him that he would gain weight.

So he quit smoking knowing that he would gain weight but lose it all as soon as he got used to not smoking and his lungs got healthier. It was a year before she was ready to start exercising and lose weight.

Another two years later, she had lost weight and felt good and confident. He was focused on breaking one habit at a time and methodically worked through his long-term plan to get fit and in good health.

It took several more years before he was fit and healthy and at the level he had envisioned, but he finally got there

If he had tried to change two or more major areas at once, he would likely have short-circuited with stress and failure to achieve his goals would have been imminent.

He says he learned that working on one major or smaller goal at a time is better for him than doing it all at once. His methodical approach to achieving his dream worked, and today he is healthier and fitter than ever.


Goethe put it this way: “The least of us can use hard perseverance, hard and constant, and it rarely fails, because its strong power grows irresistibly greater with time.”

If we believe in ourselves and our ideas, our goals and abilities, nothing becomes impossible and the impossible becomes nothing. Failure becomes a guide and a guide only.

Will Smith says, “When you and I are on a treadmill together and we’re racing, you get off first or I die on that treadmill.” That’s the mindset of a winner

If you want it enough, you will say to the obstacles that come your way “Bring it on, and after that too some more”

Nothing can stop a determined individual and like pushing a ball into a body of water, everything gives way to the will and goals of a determined individual

“A person who never gives up is hard to beat.” ~ Babe Ruth

Running a run

I remember a childhood friend who started a part-time auto repair business in his home garage when we were in high school. He learned his skills from his father, who was an engineer and knew how to drive nuts and bolts.

He started it on the weekends for extra money and when we left high school we lost touch, I moved to a new city and lost his numbers

4 years later I had started my business and visited home. I discovered that he had since moved out of his garage and now rented a house, had several employees, a nice office, and 3 cars.

What amazed me the most was when we went upstairs he showed me all the cars in the parking lot that needed repairs, I looked out and saw over 30 cars waiting for service.

I was in awe, wonder, amazed. I gave him a serious pat on the back and let him know how well he had done.

And soon after I started comparing, I was a little discouraged by my slow progress and wondered how long – if I would ever reach this level of success. While I was doing this, he stopped me in mid-sentence and looked me dead in the eye and said, “Don’t compare, run your own race, your own lane.”

I have never forgotten those words. I knew he was right, he knew he was right, and soon after I nodded shyly in silent agreement.

“Don’t compare, run your own race, your own track.”

Compare yourself to someone else.

Compete only with the person you were yesterday.

This way, you will avoid getting discouraged if progress is slow or non-existent

Catfish and moth

Back in the 1800s, a species of fish called common carp was bred in Japan for color, by the end of the century several color patterns had developed, and this new breed of brightly colored fish was called “Koi” from the 1800s. Japanese word meaning “carp”

They were adapted as aquarium pond ornamental fish in Japan and had advantages over most other fish in being able to withstand freezing and survive in low-oxygen, low-quality water. They were also beautiful fish in the pond because of their multi-colored skin

The new breed quickly became popular in Japan and attracted the attention of travelers and travelers, and soon after, the Chinese and Europeans began importing them en masse.

Carriers began exporting them and soon discovered a major challenge; after the long journey and months of little activity the fish became weak and mushy and worse than when they left Japan.

This led to several trade problems and lawsuits

However, they soon found a solution to the problem; put the catfish in the same tank as the koi fish.

It worked like magic. The catfish ate the weaker Koi and the stronger Koi became stronger and fitter, when they reached their destination the fish were fit, strong, lively and healthy.

What’s your catfish?

Anything that checks you every once in a while is good, anything that puts you back in your place, your lane, your vision.

Get the catfish, whatever it is

Laying bricks

To quote John Carmack: “Focus, hard work is the real key to success. Keep your eyes on the goal and just keep taking the next step to achieve it. If you’re not sure how to do something, do it both ways and see which works better” ~

Place one brick at a time

Big strides can be made with small steps

You take one step at a time to reach the top of the stairs

No great work was ever accomplished by idleness, and nothing great can be accomplished without effort.

“A dream doesn’t turn into reality by magic; it takes sweat, determination and hard work.” ~Colin Powell

Hard work

Hard work is the foundation of great achievement and perseverance follows. I firmly believe that random efforts cannot be expected to defy the odds.

Hard work is a must.

The drive to achieve greatness requires an incredible amount of hard work, perseverance, energy, focus and dedication.

If you’re working at a startup or starting a business and feel like you’re working too much, too long, or sacrificing too much, find a job elsewhere that meets your needs.

But what about visionaries, dreamers, leaders and risk takers. It’s hard work worth doing. They know its value and appreciate it.

They are here to make a dent in the universe, to leave a mark, to leave something in the history books. There is nothing better than doing hard work worth doing.

When all is said and done and your long days of relentless hard work, sleepless nights and countless cups of coffee are over, you will look back and say wow, I have found the formula for success. I know what it takes.

Hard work is the greatest competitive advantage in any human endeavor, Thomas Edison’s “1% inspiration and 99% perspiration”.

Overnight success takes hours, days, months and even years of hard work and dedication

“The price of success is hard work, dedication to the job at hand, and determination that whether we win or lose, we’ve done our best for the task at hand.” ~ Vince Lombardi

This is your push

Turn this bolt

If it won’t turn, put oil on it and turn some more

And while this oil turns the other and turns it

Put the blinders on


Turn off the noise

Trust your judgement

Adjust your sails

Move forward

Fall, get up, step and repeat

Baby steps

Learn a lot, appreciate everything

Don’t rush, don’t wish it were sooner, easier; I wish it was harder, longer and more complicated. Better that way

Hustle like hustle is progress

It might not work out, but keep pushing like you know it will

Celebrate the small victories.

Fix the bad

By doing this, we will go much further tomorrow than we did yesterday

“There are no shortcuts to any place worth going” ~ Beverly Sills

“The best good, never let it rest, until your good is better and your better is the best” ~ Tim Duncan

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