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Twitter Demystified For Business Users

Twitter is the most popular “hot asset” on the web right now, but its popularity and usage have confused many business owners. Many people think they want or should use Twitter, but simply don’t understand the platform, its uses, or its place in building online exposure. This article demystifies Twitter and helps you learn how to use it in the workplace and promote your business.

First, I have to say that I was confused about how to use Twitter for my business until I downloaded TweetDeck. TweetDeck is a desktop application that allows you to simultaneously review and post status updates on Twitter and Facebook. I consider it a “must have” app for anyone who wants to understand Twitter. TweetDeck lets you sort the people you follow on Twitter into groups, limit the number of tweets (Twitter micro-posts) you can see at once, and also lets you remove all the tweets you’ve seen with one click. Plus, with TweetDeck, Twitter search on a certain topic finally makes sense.

I have a much better experience on Twitter since using TweetDeck. As a newbie to Twitter, visiting your Twitter home page can be intimidating; it consists of post after post from people you follow and maybe don’t know much about, and it just feels like a huge amount of content. To get started effectively, first group together people who actually have something interesting to say on TweetDeck, and voila, you have a powerful tool that will keep you at the forefront of what’s happening in your industry and on the web.

So how do you get started with Twitter? First, start on Twitter yourself to understand what you like to read, who you like to follow, and clearly identify what you like on Twitter. For me, it boils down to this: I love following people in my industry who say something valuable, who link to a new app, or direct me to an interesting new article, video, or blog that I should check out but might never have found myself. Based on what I like and the people I find interesting to read, I now write my Twitter posts using the same formula to grow my Twitter audience.

What I also love about Twitter is that the people I follow know how to show their true personality in their tweets. Yes, I like to know what Danny Sullivan (famous search engine marketing guru) had for lunch, but even better is a link to a video he thought was funny. I love following Ashton Kutcher (the movie star married to Demi Moore who just hit 1 million Twitter followers in April). Man, this guy is really funny and kicks ass with Twitter. His posts are great and he just got the status of most followed user. This is why you can’t hire someone to “Ghost Twitter” for you. It’s about showing your true nature – you can’t fake it!

So how can you use Twitter for business? Twitter is a great tool for linking and is a real asset for businesses. By using Twitter to direct people to content on your website, articles you’ve written on or off your website, or linking to a service you want to highlight, you’ll increase traffic. Additionally, Twitter is indexed by Google and your Twitter page may appear in organic search results, so make sure your bio is well thought out. Don’t waste time with Twitter to point to blog posts, use TwitterFeed to post your blog posts directly to Twitter. If you have a blog or website, you can get new Twitter followers by posting your Twitter feed directly to your web pages. People who may not have known your Twitter ID can simply click on the “Follow Me” link below and start following you on Twitter.

The key to using Twitter successfully is to identify what you personally like about this new medium, and then give back to your followers the same types of things you like – work to provide value, not leverage! So you need to play around with Twitter and learn how to use it first before you can really be successful with it in your business.

So how do you get followers? I started by following everyone (who I found via a Twitter search) with the last name McCord. Then I looked into web design, search engine optimization and CPC. Every site profile that looked good I clicked to follow the writer. It was that simple. Often the people you follow choose to follow you back. This is how you initially build your Twitter base. Over time, you’ll begin to identify your “Twitter voice” and refine the type of Twitter presence you have by changing your content style and the things you tweet about. As you refine your presence, you build a following.

Another cool use of Twitter is that you can reply to all your followers by simply adding @ in front of their Twitter ID. For example, to send something to my attention, use @mccordweb at the beginning of a Twitter post and hit enter. Remember that this post will be visible to all followers of my site and your Twitter site. If you need a more private exchange, go to the direct message link on and select a follower by Twitter ID name and send your message from there. This note is private. If you’re using TweetDeck, you can click on a follower’s Twitter ID icon and then choose to send them a direct message or @reply. TweetDeck automatically inserts the correct syntax for you in your tweets.

For many companies, the ability for users to communicate with senior management via Twitter is an invaluable resource. This one-on-one exchange allows the company manager to keep an eye on the customers’ views, concerns and interests. Because a Twitter reply or direct mail doesn’t use email or require a response, it’s a great way to use social networking to test new ideas and ask for user feedback. For example, if you have a new software product, ask your Twitter followers for feedback on a specific feature or provide a link to your beta version for testing.

How you use Twitter depends on your personal business needs. The best advice I can give you is to first use Twitter a bit yourself to understand the medium and find out what you like to read the most on Twitter. Then create your own Twitter network sharing information that you find interesting and fun.

I currently follow 204 people on Twitter and 183 people follow me. Personally, I find Twitter to be a lot of fun and a really cool way to find out what’s going on in the world before you see it on TV, read it online, or see it in the paper. This is the real power of Twitter; you share, learn, and know, all through interpersonal communication.

For those of you who click through from my e-newsletter, here’s the rest of the Twitter Apps and Uses.

Below are some Twitter apps that I like and use regularly for my business.

Twuffer – I love this, it’s a Twitter post scheduler. Some people think that Twuffer beats the immediacy of Twitter posts or tweets, but I like it because I schedule tweets on days when I’m not blogging to inform my followers about things I think are important. It’s easy to use, allows you to tweet and schedule posting by day and time. If you’re delivering content to a service or product, this is a great tool. Schedule your tweets for a week or month at a time and deliver your content to your readers in addition to your regular tweets. To save space, be sure to use to convert any long URLs you point to in a tweet into a Twitter-friendly short version.

Twitter Feed – This is another one of my biggest favorites. TwitterFeed allows me to display my blog posts from a web site directly on Twitter. It also allows me to post my tweets back to my blog (by installing the widget) in my blog template – very cool cross communication! I’m picking up a lot of Twitter followers with this technique. Readers visit my blog and choose to follow me on Twitter.

Twitter Grader – This is a vanity app that lets you see where you rank against other Twitter users. Twitter Grader measures the power of a Twitter user based on followers, number of updates, and posting frequency.

TweetBeep – Manage your online Twitter reputation with this app. When a Twitter user tweets about your business, name, or domain, you’ll receive email notifications. With TweetBeep, you choose the alert criteria and what to monitor. It is perfect for a business that is concerned about branding and online identity. PR professionals should definitely use this tool to track their customer comments.

Twitoria – Clean up your Twitter followers by finding out which people never use Twitter or rarely post so you can delete them directly from the Twitoria interface.

Qwitter – If you want to know when someone unfollows you, sign up for this service. In fact, it can be a great tool to find out what a reader hated about what you posted and made them tear you up so you can refine your message. When you get a flood of drops after tweeting, you’ll know that people don’t like certain types of tweets – instant feedback at an anonymous level!

One great thing about Twitter that I haven’t even mentioned yet, but is actually one of the best features of Twitter, is the ability to send text messages to tweets from your cell phone. While you can’t easily link to great content usually on the fly like this, being able to connect with others without being tied to a computer is a way to show the “real you.” Maybe your followers want to know what you had for lunch or a seminar you just attended. Just be kind and don’t spew Twitter spam using your Blackberry for pointless rants.

You can easily set up the ability to receive text messages from your Twitter account on your cell phone or Blackberry, but be careful because if you have a lot of followers, you can get flooded. I recommend getting Twitter updates by text to your mobile only from a small group. For example, if you have a project team, create a Twitter account for each member so they can only post to that small, unique circle of team members. The value of being able to follow and interact with each other anytime, anywhere using Twitter via computer or mobile phone adds real value to teams and teams – especially team leaders. Twitter even allows you to make this type of group private.

Another Twitter feature is the ability to add hashtags to keywords in your tweets to help sort so others can find your important content. For example, if you wanted to tweet about the recent earthquake in LA, you would preface the tweet with #laearthquake. By using hashtags, you allow Twitter to return your information for topic searches of newsworthy tweets. You can visit to learn more about hot hashtags currently in use so you can follow the topic, add a topic, or create your own. For example, in the world of Twitter, Fridays are days when you post with the message #followfriday and enter the Twitter ID you want to recommend to others. You’d be surprised at the cool new people you can follow and connect with based on the recommendations of the people you follow.

In conclusion, Twitter is one of the hottest new mediums to hit the internet scene after Facebook. While it’s not exactly “new,” Twitter has gained a very high profile recently. If you’re in business, Twitter definitely deserves your attention. Not only is this a really smart new tool to have in your marketing arsenal, but I think the more you use it, the more you’ll love it and it’s fun to use. There are endless ways to use Twitter: for teams, for family members, for business networking, to stay on top of the news, to promote yourself and your services, and to enjoy interacting with others online. Just remember that you can’t really make sense of Twitter for business without TweetDeck or another similar summation and sorting application. Thanks for reading, see you on Twitter, you can reach me at @mccordweb or visit me at

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