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7 Simple World of Warcraft Gold Making Tips

Lack of money is one of the most common refrains heard in Warcraft. It’s a fact of life that some players are just constantly broke. But you does not have to be. We’ve compiled this list of simple steps you can take to maximize your earning power, so you’ll never have to worry about having enough gold again.


Rule 1: Set a goal

Rule 2: Choose your path

Rule 3: bags

Rule 4: Save, don’t spend

Rule 5: Drops, not purchases*

Rule 6: For sale in the auction house

Rule 7: Get confirmation


The most important part of your gaming experience in WoW’s free market economy is determining what you want to do with your gold. Do you enjoy spending it on ingredients to craft powerful weapons and armor? Do you want to work in a profession that is costly and expensive? Or would you rather save it as a pillow or for a rainy day? Whatever it is, questions like these help shape the kind of player you become.

Setting a goal is important, but you must always be aware of that goal. The opportunity to purchase shiny new items, weapons, trinkets and everything else is always available. But remember your goal. The more you focus, the easier it is to get there.


There are many ways to make money in WoW. Players who are most successful at making money (regardless of their level) usually do so by upgrading a skill or profession. They don’t just go after every mob that comes their way, they only go after the gangs that make them money. Some players skin animals and sell the skin, others kill humanoids and craft cloth items, etc.

The point is, no matter what profession or skill you choose, you need to focus on them to get the most out of them. Changing your strategy at some point may make sense, but constantly changing strategies for no reason will lead to frustration.

Keep an eye on the goal, master the chosen path and earn money much faster.

Rule 3: BAGS

While you may be wondering why a section on packing made it into the guide, one of the most common complaints that comes up over and over again in the game environment is “I’m out of room in my inventory!”

As a low level player, you can’t afford the bags you need right away. Starting characters start with five inventory slots where they can place bags. Each slot can hold a bag with a maximum of 18 slots, which means 18 items per bag. (Note: Hunters lose one or two slots depending on whether or not they choose to carry a quiver and ammo pouch.) Each player starts with a backpack with 16 item slots. Without help, a low-level player might be lucky to allow a maximum of a 6-person bag in addition to their backpacks. It is imperative to use your next best resource: the bank.

Each player has a separate inventory cache. Every bank in a major city allows players to stock up on items they may not want to carry yet. As a low level player, using a bank is essential until you can afford larger capacity bags. Initial spending in the game should focus on buying high capacity bags. Like being out in the wilderness, it can be endlessly frustrating when you find yourself running out of room and having to “leave the farm” to find a vendor or auction house to dump your item with.

You can also use the postal system as a temporary storage facility. You can send items to other players (and even yourself). Whatever you add to an email stays in your inbox for 30 days. Although there is a small fee to post items and it is important not to forget them, using the post office as a temporary storage facility is always possible.


Building a gold reserve is like any other WoW endeavor; you have to be penny wise. Even though an AH blue grade weapon has a shiny aura to it, it’s likely that buying one will turn out to be a waste of time and money in the long run.

True, you have to spend money when leveling up. You have to buy ammo or repair armor or fly the gryphon from place to place, but these are necessary expenses. The junk, the ones you don’t really need, the ones that eat your money and set you back. You must avoid them at all costs.

The first criteria for building a successful gold reserve are: You need to be clear about your financial goals. If you’re saving up for an 800 gold mount, spending 30g there and 40g here will make your goals that much harder. I know this sounds like advice your parents might give you, but what’s true outside of Azeroth is true inside. True, you are not looking for people for money, but saving is an extremely important virtue that requires a lot of patience and perseverance.

Rule 5: COME, NOT BUY*

So how do you offset the itch to buy high-quality blue or green items with respectable stats? Consider this: you can get good items for free, and good items below level 60 are usually a waste of money.

However, there is an exception to this rule. You can often find items sold by NPC vendors that can be bought and resold for profit. This is an effective strategy that you can use to make money, but remember that this is the only reason to do it. You don’t want to waste money on items for yourself if you can help it. If you want these precious items, you need to assemble groups to run the instance. That way, you still get the chance to buy those super-duper items without paying super-duper prices.


If you want to make gold, you have to put in the time and research. Instead of scouring countless forums and websites in search of that ultimate money-making formula, the most successful money-makers are experts in auction house dynamics.

The Auction House is where players buy gear, weapons, trinkets, potions, and any resource imaginable in the game. There are also regular vendors, but since they are run by NPCs, there is little chance of finding anything of great value. The auction house is where players determine supply and demand and buy and sell their goods. Knowing what is selling and at what price is very helpful in becoming a high volume seller.

While other strategies and guides may tell you that you need to download the auction house add-on to cross-reference sales data, the fact is that you don’t need the add-on to determine market value. A simple scan of the current price will help you effectively set your price before posting your item(s) for sale. All you have to do is enter an item and see what it turns out to be.

The Auction House add-on allows you to scan larger amounts of information. However, this requires you to stay still (usually up to 10 minutes or more) while the scanner processes the data.

Even with this add-on in place, you still have to do some detective work. Daily scanning certainly helps if you need a large cross-section of information. Instead, we suggest that if you have a resource in your possession, don’t be afraid to throw it away right away. Go visit auction houses. Enter an item. See what the going rate is. Wait a day or two. Rinse and repeat. Then make an educated decision about the value of your items and materials.

If you’re trying to sell an item on the auction house blocks that doesn’t have a predecessor, there’s a pretty simple method to get an answer: call Price Check. Just like the cashier at your local supermarket, don’t be afraid to use the general chat channel of any major city to find out what the price of an item is. Collect the information you receive in return to create a reasonable price. If you still want to use the add-on for a much grander image, try and follow the instructions to download the software.

Another method is to make an initial offer of your items through the general chat or trade channels. This method is used by players time and time again. If you like the “feel” of live negotiations, this is where you will have the most success.


However, the most important spending need for most players is in the form of confirmation. It is not optional. You need one. The Mount is a race-specific animal that transports you throughout Azeroth. It increases your movement speed by 60% (epic mounts increase it by 100%), and with the new epic mounts increasing your speed by up to 280%, you probably won’t want to walk everywhere. After fingering the first forty levels, this extra benefit will undoubtedly be a big relief. Attachments are quiet helpful if your task is in the far corner of the play area and there are no fly points nearby. Depending on how you build your reputation with the game’s major cities, you’ll have more confirmation options, but all players have access to at least one confirmation after reaching level 40.

Unless you’re a wizard or paladin with specific quests to accomplish your riding decisions, you’ll have to make the capital yourself. Since mounts aren’t cheap in the slightest, you need to start saving now. But since the confirmation isn’t available until you hit level 40, you’ll have time to make the most of your money. Another significant expense is your riding skills. Actually more expensive than the base itself, it can cost up to 800g. Although the price of the mount (and riding lessons) is just under 100g. You can actually defer some of the cost and get a discount if you level up from neutral to neutral by doing quests in your town. To do this, select zones that match the level (if you’re level 15, you want to be in a zone that’s suitable for level 15 players). Additionally, complete quests in level-appropriate zones that contain cities or settlements of the same race. If I’m a person looking to get my horseshoe and keep costs down, I’ll focus on quests from Stormwind and the surrounding human cities like Goldshire, Darkshire, and Southshore. I wouldn’t want to focus my time on places like Astranaar or Auberdine, which consist of dwarven populations and quests that give reputation points to Darnassus. After level 40 I can always go back and complete these quests. It will increase your reputation in your hometown and bring you closer to your four-legged friend.

And that’s it. Keep these simple goals in mind and we guarantee you will make more money than before.

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