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How To Detoxify in 5 Easy Steps

This program will help you:

  • To lose weight
  • More energy
  • Better bowel movement
  • Lower cholesterol
  • Lower blood pressure
  • Improve hair, skin and nails

Step 1

Take DE (1 tablespoon per day)

Step 2

Drink ionized water (rejuvenating)

Step 3

Eliminate almost 300 sextillion free radicals every day (Protandim)

Step 4

Rub magnesium oil on your body every night

Step 5

Use the FIR sauna for 30 minutes every day

Step 1 – Detoxification with diatomaceous earth

One of the main obstacles to treating any disease, especially weight gain, is the toxic body dilemma and all the complications that come with it. When a person has a clogged colon and the body is full of toxins, the drug or natural substance used to treat the problem is often ineffective.

According to, there are three main ways that a product I have used with many clients called Diatomaceous Earth (food grade earth) detoxifies the body and rids it of harmful elements that often bypass or even cause weight loss programs to fail.

Diatomaceous earth – magnified 7,000 times – looks like a cylinder full of holes – kind of like Rice Chex cereal. This cylinder has a very strong negative charge. As these millions of cylinders move through the stomach and digestive tract, they attract and absorb fungi, protozoa, viruses, endotoxins, pesticide and drug residues, E-Coli and heavy metals. They get stuck in the cylinder and exit the body. In addition, the sharp edges of diatomaceous earth “shred” and kill any larger parasites that happen to be in the stomach or digestive tract. All of these activities result in a much healthier body and less disease. People often say “I feel better” with diatomaceous earth. This better feeling comes from the fact that all the “junk” has been removed from the body and the immune system needs a “jump start”.


Diatomaceous earth is very hard. On a hardness scale where diamonds are a 9, diatomaceous earth is a 7. This is very important because as these millions of tiny, hard, sharp cylinders of diatomaceous earth pass through the small and large intestines, they “scrape” the walls. After only a few months of taking diatomaceous earth, the intestinal walls are no longer covered with mucus and mold, but CLEAN!! Its advantages are several:

  1. Regular bowel movements (this is the first comment everyone makes about DE)
  2. A healthier colon. This is especially important as we age. A clean healthy colon keeps polyps, cancers and ulcers at bay. Today, many people spend thousands of dollars trying to make their colons do what diatomaceous earth does.
  3. Many users report increased energy and less need for sleep. This is due to the fact that all ingested food and nutrients are better absorbed into the bloodstream. Coated by the colon – many nutrients are never absorbed.


A small amount of diatomaceous earth is absorbed into the bloodstream as silica. One of the benefits of silica is that it helps destroy bad fats. Most people who take diatomaceous earth have lowered their cholesterol by 40-50 points. They are also amazed at how their high blood pressure goes down.

  1. Painful joints and ligaments feel better
  2. The skin clears (acne-age spots-psoriasis)
  3. Hair and nails are stronger and grow faster
  4. Stronger teeth and gums
  5. Healthier airways – less coughing
  6. Menopause has fewer symptoms
  7. Healthier urinary tract

The benefits of silica are many. Today’s grains are actually deficient in silica. Years ago, the silica in our food was sufficient, but with today’s hybrids and impoverished soils, our food supplies only about 1/3 of the silica we need. Diatomaceous earth is an easy and inexpensive way to get the silica your body needs.

I’ve tried a number of detox programs over the years, but I’ve never tried anything as simple and effective as Diatomaceous Earth. It really works!

Step 2 – Drink ionized alkaline water

Obesity actually protects our bodies and insulates our highly acidic lifestyle. Ionic water can literally save our lives and end (for many of us) a lifelong obesity problem. I recommend the Rejuvenator Ioniser ( The Rejuvenator is the world’s smallest water ionizer and costs just $40 (compared to many water machines over $4,000). If you let the Rejuvenator sit in the water for at least 5 minutes, the pH of your water should be close to 9.0. If you eat a healthy alkaline diet, your whole body pH should be close to 7.4 (the same as your blood). Otto Warburg, MD, won the Nobel Prize in 1931 for proving that when our bodies become alkaline (above 7.0 pH), no disease can survive in an alkaline environment.

The term alkaline water is simply a label used to describe the ideal drinking water provided by nature; one of the many signs that arise when we examine the hidden properties of water. Alkaline water has more excess oxygen and alkaline minerals than neutral or acidic tap water. It is highly oxygenated water with the form of oxygen that our cells need. Alkaline water has 100 times more oxygen than neutral tap water and does not contain acidic elements or toxic substances. The discovery of ionized water accurately replicates the vital properties of high mountain spring water: fresh, invigorating, energizing, free radical scavenging and delicious.

Alkaline water is drinking water, as it should be, and as it is in nature’s best waters, such as glacier water. When measuring the properties of glacial water, which is considered the best drinking water, it has similar properties to ionized water – alkaline pH, high colloidal mineral content, active hydrogen and microclusters. In nature, water can be divided into acidic and alkaline: high mountain spring waters tend to be alkaline (for drinking), while hot spring waters are acidic (but have a reputation for cleansing the skin).

Ionized alkaline and acidic water is used in hospitals and clinics throughout Japan and South Korea, where the water ionizer is classified as a medical device.

Ionized water is considered one of the most effective and simple ways for the body to: hydrate, alkalize and detoxify. Alkaline water can slowly reverse the aging process, which is the gradual accumulation of acid waste. It is effective because the water penetrates deeply, dissolving and removing toxins from the body. Acidic wastes that are insoluble in neutral water, such as lactic acid, dissolve in alkaline water and can be removed from the body by drinking alkaline water. There are many reported benefits of alkaline water. It can help with weight loss, help detoxify the body, slow down the aging process, help diabetics and other health conditions, provide valuable antioxidants, and help prevent cancer.

The slightly alkaline blood pH ensures that microorganisms remain in harmony with the body. When the pH becomes acidic, there is a lack of oxygen, which causes the growth of antagonistic, anaerobic microforms. An acidic body becomes a breeding ground for microbes, fungi and viruses. They consume the food we eat and leave us with more acid waste! Acidity coagulates blood and clogs capillaries. Hyperacidity disrupts life itself, causing almost every disease, including heart attack and cancer, premature aging and obesity.

Our 75 trillion cells are slightly acidic inside and surrounded by a slightly alkaline interstitial fluid. This polarity is essential for chemical or energy exchange and is lost with acidity, one reason why so many people lack energy. An acidic pH interferes with the absorption of minerals. We don’t get iodine when the body’s pH isn’t nearly perfect, and calcium is very hard to absorb in an overly acidic body. Excess acidity weakens all of our systems and forces the body to take minerals from vital organs and bones to buffer/neutralize the acid and safely remove it from the body. The body creates cholesterol (fatty deposits) to safely store deadly crystallized acid waste away from vital organs – the liver, heart and kidneys. “Obesity is an acid problem, fat saves our lives,” explains Dr. Robert Young

Step 3 – Elimination of free radicals

What causes free radicals?

Free radicals are cells looking for an electron and become out of control and very unpredictable. They can be destructive by speeding up the aging process, get into joints that can cause inflammation and arthritis, or lead to serious diseases like cancer. The pollution that makes the 21st century so dangerous and complex, combined with the consumption of the Standard American Diet (SAD) of junk food with artificial ingredients, has increased inflammation and free radical activity. We live in dangerous times that require our immediate attention and action if we are to live long and healthy lives.

Free radicals can come from our own metabolism, pollution, heavy metals, cigarette smoke, unclean water, processed foods, medications, magnesium and silicon dioxide (mineral) deficiencies, excitotoxins (such as aspartame used to flavor diet drinks). Free radicals are simply a big part of our lifestyle and cannot be avoided.

Elimination of free radicals

Scientific studies show that we produce about 300 sextillion (that’s 21 zeros) free radicals every day. This is the main reason we get sicker and die younger. Free radicals are closely associated with affluent culture. The problem with taking antioxidants is that they scavenge free radicals on a 1:1 basis. You cannot take enough antioxidants to eliminate 300 sextillion free radicals per day. So what is the solution?

Protandim ( is a formula developed by a PhD from Duke University and a Nobel Prize nominee. He discovered SOD, which is a natural antioxidant in your body. Protandim activates your own antioxidant enzymes and then you remove 1 million free radicals per second within 24 hours when you take 1 Protandim pill containing 5 herbs. Protandim is a simple, all-natural way to eliminate a major problem so you can have more energy, prevent many diseases, and live a healthy life.

Step 4 – The Miracle of Magnesium

  1. Helps lower cholesterol
  2. Magnesium can help prevent obesity
  3. Great for insomnia and sleep problems
  4. Reduces the risk of heart disease (especially hypertension).
  5. Helps prevent strokes
  6. Helps treat diabetes
  7. Improves mood and memory
  8. Helps prevent depression and anxiety
  9. Effectively prevents and treats headaches and pain
  10. Useful in the treatment of chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia

* I recommend rubbing magnesium oil on your body every night

Step 5 – Benefits of FIR sauna

  1. Average weight loss– £1 per week (daily 30 minute sessions)
  2. Calories burned– 600 to 2400 calories per 30-minute session
  3. Cleansing/Detoxification– Lymphatic and immune system
  4. Cardiovascular benefits– 6 mile run in 30 minutes
  5. Improves relaxation and sleep
  6. Cleansing the face(reduces toxins)

FIR Sauna is light, portable, foldable and washable and can be hung to dry, easily transported in the trunk of a small car, the hand vents allow you to freely use a laptop, phone, watch TV or listen to music.

The FIR sauna has been approved by NASA (used by astronauts), the American Heart Association, is used by many hospitals, health clubs around the world and is particularly effective in burning fat.

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