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Why Peak Performers Are High Achievers!

What is the difference between performance and achievement? Some say the performance is about the collective. If you are affected by how you “perform”, then you are concerned about the collective adherence to quality standards throughout the process to completion. It continues after the process is finished or terminated. In the realm of achievement, the focus is more on themselves and how well they stay focused on a particular outcome. There are many advantages in both areas. Many times one feeds the other. You must have a high sense of self-efficacy (student) to perform at a high level for extended periods of time without coercion or supervision. Any task entrusted to you will have no doubt that you will have the skills and abilities to complete it satisfactorily. You are a high achiever with a high work ethic. We should all focus on preparation during the process (childhood) and not waiting for the event (adulthood).

Let’s digress for a moment. We have read that the poison of high achievement is fueled by educators not caring about elementary school students. If they don’t care, neither will the child. If teachers don’t care, parents don’t care. This is a downward spiral of a self-replicating formula of low expectations that does not produce quality teacher-student relationships. And low performance definitely equals low achievement. When someone witnesses that the school system does not care about a child’s proper education, they either stand up and disagree with the current situation and leave the group thinking about the low expectation in certain categories of society. Or they get locked into favoring their version of a pseudo-happy life while ignoring real challenges and allowing a self-fulfilling prophecy that says, “We don’t expect you to succeed, so you don’t.” “If a person lacks skills or does not value performance outcomes, he may be unable or unwilling to achieve the expected level of performance, become frustrated, and may give up (Bandura, 1982, location). Journal of Instructional Psychology; 09/01/2002; Enderlin- Lampe, Scherie So stop trying.

My answer; teachers must pick up where parents leave off. Parents receive education at different levels of family life. They must work hard to understand their expanded role in the broadest sense of parenting. In many ways, the parent or parents raising children are expected to know how to feed, clothe, shelter, and teach math, science, humanities, and even be a counselor, doctor, or tutor to their children. If this is the case, where does the school’s responsibility begin? Whether your child attends a free school or a private school, some governing body has a fiscal responsibility to deliver results for our next and future generations. If kids don’t get the best chance to perform at a higher level, it’s not their loss, it’s society’s loss. Educators themselves must be well educated. Students have diverse backgrounds and therefore diverse learning methods. Teachers should recognize that standard delivery may not work for all students. Just like in kindergarten, when there was something to teach, different ways were used to provide the best experience for the children. There was a verbal/audio modality in which the teacher talked about the lesson so that some would learn better. They also showed children reading and showing pictures for the visual modality, and that form of sensory modality was touch. And many times in order for children to really learn the lesson, they had to experience it. It usually instills a lesson.

As there is no particular group involved, we simply focus on the source of high achievement and excellence. While demographics play an incredibly central role in youth outcomes long into adulthood, that is not our topic here. Where will your child end up? The only real way to increase your chance of developing a genius level achiever is to get an education before your child is born, to be involved in your child’s school after birth, to be active in what your child is learning as a teenager by talking to your child often. his educators and other parents. Start early and always challenge your child with advanced math, language and social skills between formal classroom sessions. Be a lifelong learner. Don’t get caught up in the “rat race” of life and forget that the next generation will have to shoulder the burden that our generation leaves behind. Be it national or local debt, wealth or poverty, real estate development or foreclosure, innovation or deviation. It all has to do with the level of high achievement expectations you place on your responsibilities.

Now let’s look to the future. It’s a little different in business. There is no time to go back and find out how the child did in school or if they had a great teacher-student relationship. When you’re starting your own business or landing your dream job, you should be the definition of a resilient, high-achiever.

Let’s see what qualities are typical of high achievers. Did you know that while high achievers think big, they are not always the first to come up with an idea. Yes it is true. There may be a lot of incredible thinkers in your company who aren’t always looking for attention, but if you asked them a question about one of your problems, they could very likely give you a new perspective on the solution. This is what I call “leadership without a title.” The funny thing that comes to mind is that a friend of mine (retired military) always says, “You can’t drive from behind.” I just laugh and agree. He meets young technicians who are always talking out of step and should normally have kept their mouths shut. Remember; if your input is irrelevant in your mind… don’t let it leak out. Unless you’re asked of course.

High-profile players gained momentum with their strategies, consistently moving with a major market shift. They usually play in front of the “S-Curve”, I like to call them “Trend Fronters”. They may not be psychic yet, they follow the markets (their industry) so intensely that they know what moves to make and when. Much like the work of stockbrokers dealing in stock trading. The investor relies on the best intuition of his broker to deliver the commodity at exactly the right time. As a high performer, your company expects nothing less from you. As a young school student this does not change, you are expected to challenge yourself to the highest level of ethics and efficiency. Influenced by the Theory “Y” driver, you will definitely be driving from the front. A really far front.

Another seed of high performance is the impact on how a company’s “C-level” embodies new strategies for sustained growth. When new strategies or products come to market and are successful, high performers enjoy the experience of “fixing what ain’t broke.” They see in the growth process what others do not. Think of it as bringing the principle of “continuous improvement” to life. If it’s good, it can be better, if it’s better, it can be great. So don’t settle for good when you have great. This is a high-achieving attitude. They don’t think about being better, they eliminate the competition by being 10X better.

And finally, this seed of high achievers. They are aggressive readers and advocates for personal and professional development. They are not caught unprepared. High performers set themselves apart from others to consistently achieve the most impressive level. They are constantly looking for new opportunities to innovate during the rising season. Looking for ways to engage great talent, no matter where it is in the company. They look to a vast pool of talent to find and prepare their protégés for success, anticipating their eventual movement up and over the organization. It’s about a new breed of high achievers and companies that care enough to focus internally and build future talent with less reason to recruit from the outside. This homogenous approach works and will continue to keep leaders in the lead.

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Bandura, 1982, published in Journal of Instructional Psychology; 01.09.2002; Enderlin-Lampe, Scherie

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