What Can I Give My Baby To Drink Besides Formula Flying With the Kids – A Little Preparation Saves a Lot of Gray Hair

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Flying With the Kids – A Little Preparation Saves a Lot of Gray Hair

A trip begins with careful planning and packing:

We all know and understand how much gear is needed to travel with youngsters. This is true whether it is babies, toddlers or young people. They require large quantities of traps. So it helps to make a list several days in advance and add things to it as you think it will all come together in the end.

Try to keep it as needed, for example:

*For babies: diapers, milk formula and baby food. You’d be surprised how many people think airlines offer these items as a courtesy. This may still be true in some cases for international flights or airlines from other countries, but not in the United States. Domestic carriers do not have these items available. Please bring enough money for your flight plus extra charges in case of delay.

*For toddlers: pack their favorite toy or blanket that is comfortable for them. Bring snacks, baby food, fruit, crackers, whatever they eat. But bring them food. Unless you plan to buy food at the airport (it gets expensive), this is essential.

*Toys – Pack your favorite small toys. Stuffed animals big enough to need a seat should be left at home. Children also love when a book is read to them or someone colors with them.

*For older kids: all the essential portable DVDs and movies they enjoy. It is also great for toddlers. Don’t forget the PSP-2 and games or the Nintendo DS Lite. These are your friends when you travel with this age group.

*MOST IMPORTANT – Bring headphones for these electronic items. There’s no end to your messy appearance and the flight attendants will get complaints if you forget them.

*Food – What child in this age group doesn’t like to eat? Bring your own snacks because this age group usually wants to eat more than the little bag of pretzels or snack mix they get on the plane.

Mom and Dad, you are parents, not pack mules. It’s best for your kids to carry their own little backpack or rolling suitcase that contains all their goodies. Besides, you need at least one hand to catch them when they fly away from you, and they do! I’ve even seen 2-3 year olds dragging their little bags behind them, all decorated with the latest trendy character. Too cute! You’ll need your strength to wrestle the car seat and your suitcase into the overhead bin. Good Ho!

**Special note – Please, please, please do not pack or check in cargo, any medications that you or your children may need to take regularly. They must be in separate one-quart bags and identified to TSA at security.

For complete and comprehensive information on the Transportaion Security Administration’s rules and regulations, see its website: Click here

We’re at the airport – oh my god, look at the security line! – Did you remember to pack your patience?

First and foremost: give yourself plenty of time to get to the airport!! Leave extra early and give yourself plenty of time to complete your check-in and check-in procedures. I’ll say it again: leave plenty of time.

Now the real fun begins, but you can do it. Just take a deep breath and get in line. I hope, dear friends, that you have checked out those three very large suitcases in which you packed 17 days of clothes for your 4-day weekend trip. If not, turn around, go to the ticket office and do it now. This is especially true if all of your toiletries are packaged, weigh more than 3 ounces, and aren’t in a ziplock, four-quart freezer bag. In case you haven’t heard, it’s the “3/1/1” rule. No more than three ounces per bottle, one liter bag, and one per person. But if you check this bag, no problem. Not to mention if you really want to wrestle them onto the plane with your kids and all their belongings and store them. NO. LOOK at that bag!!

While you’re standing in line, chasing after little ones, trying to get coffee, and refereeing bickering siblings, take out your tickets and ID because you’re going to need them.

Once you’ve reached the front of the line and given Mr. (or Mrs.) TSA your ID and tickets:

*Throw any bags, strollers and other items you bring onto the conveyor belt to go through the scanner.

* If you have baby bottles, baby food or juice bottles containing formula or breast milk, notify the TSA representative and separate them from your 3/1/1 bag.

*All laptops and DVDs must be placed in a separate bin.

*Don’t forget to take off those shoes – even the small ones.

*You must allow small children to go through security independently. Babies, of course, are carried by you – you have to take them out of the pram or any carrier. Unfortunately, you can’t store them inside the harness on the front, you have to wear them.

TSA will never separate you from your children, so don’t worry about that.

Once you and the kids have gone through security, gather all your belongings, put your shoes back on, and head to the gate. Be sure to double check and make sure you’ve picked up all of your items, especially DVDs and laptops that have been removed from their cases. I’ve seen people leave them and it’s a mad race to get back and get them. People have missed their flights this way.

We have small children – what do you mean we can’t sit together!! – Remember that patience you packed?

Okay, now you’re nervous about the security process, the kids are crying, and the gate area is full. Happy mourning! Ah, but you’re on vacation!

As you approach the gate agent, you learn that the plane is in an oversold situation and you have to wait for those seats. (What! You didn’t register early and reserve those seats? That’s a whole other article.)

Most agents try very hard to get young children to sit with their parents. If the worst case scenario happens and you are separated from one of your little ones, there is still hope. The agent will transfer you to the flight attendants anyway, so here’s what you do.

*Identify yourself and the problem at the plane’s boarding door, report the problem and ask for help. Stop complaining!

* Move to the first seat assigned to you, look at who is sitting around you, tell them you are separated from your children and ask them if they can switch seats. If they are uncooperative, ask them which side they would like to sit and keep an eye on during the flight. (Isn’t it nice to be crafty?) I joke about that. The flight attendant will usually follow you to your seats and try to get seats together with your fellow passengers. It can be cumbersome, but it works.

*If you have purchased a seat for your infant or toddler and you are using a car seat for that child, the car seat must face the window, so make sure that every seating group you purchase for your family has a window seat. . However, if the plane is a wide-body plane, meaning the plane has two aisles instead of one, the safety seat can be in the middle section as long as it does not prevent any passengers from reaching the aisle. an emergency.

Are we there yet? – Fun things to do while you’re there!

I know every parent who has ever traveled with a child has heard this more than once. I know I have. But I can tell you that if you’ve followed some of the packing tips above, you’ll be ready for this question.

A good rule of thumb is not to drag out all the entertainment items you brought with you at once. Bring out one at a time as they get bored with the first one. Then put the first one away so you don’t have to clean up as much at the end of the flight.

Launch the DVD or GameBoy Advance after reporting the use of electronic devices. If you have more than one child in the same age group, be sure to have them sit together and watch the DVD. Use this splitter for headphones so two can watch at the same time.

Bring out a book or coloring book and a snack.

If you’re lucky enough to fly on an airline that has on-demand TV, great, you’re safe for older kids. They love this feature. Not all airlines have this, so you need to be prepared with your own entertainment.

If you’ve taken your kids out of school for this little vacation, now is the perfect time for them to catch up on some schoolwork they may have packed away (or you did, because they wouldn’t). Bribing is good – “If you do it now, you won’t have to worry about it for the rest of your vacation.” This is also the perfect time to tutor the little one in a subject they may need help with. After all, he is a captive audience.

Of course, the ultimate in-flight entertainment is your flight attendants. Kids will love watching them move up and down the aisle with drink or food carts.

When you finally arrive at your destination, remember to “check seat back pockets, overhead bins and wardrobes for any personal items you may have brought with you”. In particular, do not forget small electronic items or mobile phones in the back pockets.

Children really like visiting the cockpit and taking pictures with the captain. Getting off the plane is the perfect time to do this. In days gone by, in a happier time, we could take the kids into the cockpit during the flight and take pictures of them. Unfortunately, in today’s world, this has to be done either before or after takeoff. Every captain and first officer I ever worked with was happy to take pictures with the kids.

I hope you got something useful from this article. I flew for a long time and saw many people come and go from the plane. Many of my favorite passengers were children. They are funny, fresh and most of all genuine.

I wish you pleasant travels.

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