What Is The Formula For Area Of A Right Triangle For All Those Beginners: How Do I Put On Make-Up?

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For All Those Beginners: How Do I Put On Make-Up?

It is very important to start with a clean slate. Use a gentle cleanser with a mild exfoliator. It is important to make sure it is hypoallergenic. Your face is a very sensitive area and it doesn’t take much to irritate it and make it worse. Whether you’re in the shower or standing at the sink, gently apply a small amount, about the size of a pea, to your face and gently rub it in an upward motion, moving from your forehead and left to right. There comes a time when we all worry about wrinkles and bags, and always touching our face in an upward motion will help slow down the aging process on our face. We should not contribute to the aging process at all, even if our face is fresh and wrinkle-free now. Gently rinse off the cleanser and pat your face dry with a soft, warm towel.

Soft as a baby’s butt! A good moisturizer is key. If you don’t keep it moist, your face will be very itchy and flaky. Again, I love the Velocity Facial Moisturizer. It’s lightweight and doesn’t leave your face greasy. Plus, it helps with oil absorption throughout the day. Apply a small amount, maybe a little more than a pea size, and gently massage it into your face. Make sure you’re still using the upward motion we talked about in step 1. Massage onto your face until all excess moisturizer is absorbed into your skin. Now doesn’t that feel good??

Build a strong foundation. Some people don’t like using foundation and that’s ok. But foundation is a great way to protect your face from all the dangerous things you literally face every day. Sun, wind, rain, everything can irritate your face. A good foundation will help protect your face from whatever is out there. Try a foundation with a light sunscreen in it. The extra protection makes a big difference. Make sure you don’t go too light or too dark for your face or it will look too painted. It is important that it looks natural. If you really want a nice warm look on your face, a darker foundation is not the answer. Try some of the bronzers discussed later. A general rule of thumb is to try to match your foundation to the color of your neck. This ensures that it is the most natural color you can wear. Blend the foundation onto your face and make sure it’s all absorbed before moving on to the next step. The triangular sponge is very helpful to blend the foundation in the best way.

Hide those blemishes. Chances are, like most of us, you may have some imperfections on your face. Try a slightly lighter shade of concealer than your foundation. You have the option of applying concealer before or after foundation, but it seemed like it made the most sense to do things in that order. Apply a very small amount of concealer to the tip of your ring finger and lightly dab it onto the desired areas of your face. A typical concealer is applied under the eyes and any pimples that may be visible at the moment. Dab on the concealer and let it dry for a few seconds and carefully blend it into the skin to make it look as natural as possible. If needed, apply more foundation for even better blending. Allow the concealer to fully absorb before proceeding to the next step.

Release with powder. Get your hands on a nice big powder brush. After applying foundation and concealer, use either loose or pressed powder to help set the makeup on the face. Dab the brush lightly with powder and apply a small to moderate amount to the tip of the brush. If you’re using a loose powder, tap the tip of the brush lightly on the counter to get the powder into the bristles a bit so it doesn’t just fall onto the first part of your face you touch. Brush the brush in light downward strokes over your face until the entire face is brushed and you have achieved a nice matte look on your face. This is the only time we use a downward motion on your face. Unfortunately, we all have a small amount of “peach hair” on our faces, and brushing your face down will help knock those little hairs down and make them less noticeable. Make sure the powder is evenly applied and move on to the next step.

Do you want your makeup to last all day? i thought so. To make it last, I recommend using an eyeshadow primer before applying eye makeup. Try Urban Decay Primer Potion. Wear it wherever you wear eye makeup. Then this elusive eyeshadow and liner will always be there for you. Sounds nice, doesn’t it?

Now it’s time to line those gorgeous gems of yours. Eyeliner is a good place to start so you don’t mess up your mascara. Some of you don’t like eyeliner, so you can just skip this step.

Anyway, first you need to decide which eyeliner formula to use: liquid or pencil. Both have their advantages. Liquids tend to last longer because they don’t smudge and give you a clearer, more defined line. The fact that you have to “paint” it and wait for it to dry can make it difficult though. The pencils have a smokier, sultry quality and can be applied more easily and precisely. However, they have a tendency to smear. Starting from the inner corner of the eye, slowly apply a thin line along the lash line. If you use liquid, air it dry, then open and see how you like it. Too thin? Try again, a little thicker this time. Too fat? Dab the q-tip with water or eye makeup remover and swipe away from the thickness until you’re happy with the result. It’s also a good idea to make the eyeliner thicker towards the outer corners of the eyes to make them look bigger. If desired, repeat the process on or just above the lower lash line at the inner corner of your eye (can be difficult for beginners).

Open your eyes to the wonders of eyeshadow! Yes, it sounds creepy, but with practice, the eyeshadow is really amazing. There are so many effects to choose from when using eyeshadows. But the basics are still good, so here goes. First, decide what color family you want your eyeshadow to be. Pink and blue are popular, but so are neutrals like brown, peach and cream. From these color groups, choose one that’s darker than your skin tone (think basic pink), one that’s darker or lighter than your skin tone (think darker mauve or hot pink), and one that’s much lighter than your skin tone (think pale pink). Using an eyeshadow sponge, apply a darker or lighter shadow along the crease (basically between the lid and brow bone), applying more heavily towards the outer half. Then, with a medium shade and an eyeshadow brush, dust the lid and smudge the darker color around the edges until things look even. Then wipe the brush off a towel or piece of toilet paper and swipe it through the lightest shade. Then sweep the brush along the brow to your liking. Change your shade as much as you like using our other tips sections.

Skin those lashes, girls! Time to give the eyes the final touch: mascara. It is less versatile but can make your eye makeup look the most beautiful. Start by curling your eyelashes if you want, ask for a metal eyelash curler. Place at the base of the lashes and squeeze gently. Then take the mascara wand, dab the end of the mascara on a towel and place the brush under the lashes at the base of the lashes. Move it through your lashes by pushing it up. Repeat as needed, focusing on the tips after the first stroke. Coat your bottom lashes as much as you want, but they are less important.

The apple of my… cheek? This is the easiest of all the steps. Get your blush and with a nice medium sized blush brush, lightly brush your cheeks in an upward motion. Starting at the apple of your cheek, right in the center of your eye (in most cases), brush outwards toward your hairline, lifting the brush away from your face as you go. Doing this will focus the color where you first applied it and blend it outwards for the desired effect. Use a triangular sponge to blend even more if desired.

Beautiful lips! There are many options when it comes to lips. Lipstick or lip gloss? Matte lipstick or metallic? High gloss or glossy? In the end, the only thing that matters is what you like. If you want to use liner, I would recommend using a natural or neutral shade. You can change things up a bit with a different color lipstick or gloss – depending on your mood. If you want something bolder, try a liner a shade or two darker than your actual lip color. Take the liner in your hand and hold it like a regular pencil. With light strokes, “draw” the contour of the lips, starting from the top center of the lips and moving outwards and downwards. If necessary, lightly pat the liner on the inside of the lips to even out the color so you don’t end up with such a defined line. If you don’t want lipstick, skip this step. Take the lipstick and again start from the center of the upper lip and work your way out and down. Rub back and forth until you get the desired amount on your lips, then smack your lips together to ensure evenness. Top it all off with a nice soft lip gloss. Apply as you would when blending lipstick. Press your lips together again and check your teeth to make sure you don’t have stains.

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