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Divinity of Sex and Astrology

Does astrology predict marriage or release of sexual energy? What is the relationship among sex, spirituality and marriage?

We generally predict marriage by judging 2-7-11 house in a horoscope and found it to be quite reliable. But “Whether the combination of 2-7-11 houses denotes marriage or sexual union”? When this question starts haunting me, I was not aware that my intuition was opening a tin of worms, which will not let me sleep for nights. I start finding the answers from my astrological knowledge, but I soon understood that without my understanding of various healings techniques, Vedic and spiritual knowledge, past life regression therapy, it would be impossible for me to reach the desired answer.

From the question of misinterpretation of various Vedic sutra or points regarding marriage, to various rituals and tradition connected to marriage in different cultures through out the world, gay and lesbian relationships finding their popularity and acceptance in the modern time all over the planet, increasing quantum of illicit affairs, issues of polygamy, living relationships, loose sex lives finding their way in the society, exchange of sex partners, rise in prostitution and sexual incompetence, suddenly start creeping in my mind and there I decide to understand this concept by taking the help of consciousness. The ceremony called marriage is connected with various angles like physiology, psychology, and sociology, and sexology, social and spiritual angles. To understand all the above we will discuss the seven CHAKRA system, concept of four PURUSHARTHAS and five types of bodies i.e., PANCHKOSHA vis-à-vis the twelve houses of astrology.

But before I start with these in detail, I would like to clarify certain points. Firstly I am taking house based astrology for these evaluations. During my study of astrology, I have found that placidus system is like the law of universe and planetary system is the life in universe at certain point of time and space. I very well understand that there is nothing called time and form in space, so I will go with the timeless, formless concept of placidus system. Secondly these opinions need further research and all critical, significant views are welcome. Thirdly it is not possible to accomplish all aspects of human life connected with marriage and astrology in this article, but I will try to highlight the main points for the benefit of readers and researchers in this field. We have to lay down new norms, new significations to understand the concept of sex, marriage and spirituality through astrology. We have to drop our limited belief system and merge into vast consciousness to understand the divine purpose behind human life. We have to understand sex as life force, marriage as karmic tie up, partner as a soul, children in context of creation and family as a soul group with a common purpose. Then only we would be able to solve this puzzle of life through divine astrology.

To sum up the human life, we can classify the law of universe into two groups.

• Law of Karma

• Law of Reincarnation.

Law of Karma: Being born and bought up under the divine knowledge of various occult sciences in India, we all have some or detail knowledge about law of karma. To simplify it relates to cause and effect. That is to every action there is equal and opposite creation or so called reaction. From this we can very well understand our various relationships with our self as a subject or soul and other person in life. The institution called marriage is also abided by this law. The seventh house is nothing but denoting opposite sex, our second self, quality of physical energy, will to live, temporary or illusionary confrontations, release of sexual energy and our day to day affairs that need our physical energy. This house is tenth from tenth and hence we can understand the law of karma better from here. It is karma house for implementation of our ego, will or the outer world. That may be the reason our ancient scholars, saints might have considered it to be the house of wife, life partner and one of the house to be considered for marriage also.

To me, the occasion, opportunity, person who is just the other self of us, from whom we have to exert our physical energy, who ever is connected with the will to live is denoted by the seventh house. And from the ancient days to modern time, who is that if not the life partner, soul partner, or the business partner. So the word part or partner is more important for this house and not marriage, the reason being it is the operational house for tenth. To sum up I will only say that it is the house from which the prarabdh operates and where your physical energy is living, life issues are living.

Law of Karma operates through five levels of bodies. In the holy text of Vedas these five levels are named as PANCHKOSHA. They are

1. Annamaya Kosha = Physical body = 1, 4,7,10 houses.

2. Pranmaya Kosha = Energy body = Connected to all 12 houses.

3. Manomaya Kosha = Mental body = 2, 5,8,11 houses.

4. Vigyanmaya Kosha = Knowledge body = 3, 6,9,12 houses.

5. Ananandmaya Kosha= Bliss body = Disintegration of Individuation.

Since Law of Karma operates through various levels of body, all the karma (PRARABDHA, SANCHIT, and KRIYANMAYA) may operate individually or in combination. This is also true in case of sex or marriage. This is the main reason behind various level of sexual activities vis-à-vis our various modes, traditions, customs, hunches, partners and locations. It is very true that sex is the completion, complementary, compulsion or balancing of yin and yang. In traditional astrology this yin and yang has been expressed by the energy of Mars and Venus whereas in the western astrology it is portrayed by sun and moon. By understanding these variable energy levels we can easily find the ruling planets behind marriage, sex, love, wedlock, puberty and even celibacy state. We can easily find out whether this union is as spiritual as the union of shiva and parvati or mere at physical level. We can understand whether it is only a mental exhaustion, exchange of energy, physical act, and release of karmic issues or an act of consciousness. This may solve our various questions regarding sex, love, wedlock and marriage through astrology.

Law of Reincarnation: Law of reincarnation states that earth is like a big school. We are here to understand, experience our life lessons, and to again merge into consciousness. The ancient SUTRA of AHAM BRAHMASMI to be understood or implied afresh and final liberation or MOKSHA to be experienced as god like power of recreation. Our ancient knowledge of SHASHTRA says that we all are here to learn this by our four PURUSHARTHA or lessons. These are Artha, Kama, Dharma and Moksha.

After meditation, astrology is the first and the last attempt to understand these purusharthas. In law of karma we have discussed various kinds of bodies which play an important role in marriage or sex. Now we will try to understand our purusharta by which we can release our karma and attain Moksha. According to astrology these combination of various houses signifies our four purusharta.

1. DHARMA 1-5-9 houses.

2. ARTHA 2-6-10 houses.

3. KAMA 3-7-11 houses.

4. MOKSHA 4-8-12 houses.

KAMA 3-7-11:

Kama is expressed through the spiritual plane (Third house), Physical plane (Seventh house) and Mental Plane (Eleventh house).

We all know that seventh house is the house of wife, partner, sexual affairs and other related matters. Here in this article since we are dealing this subject from the (placidus) existence point of view, let us understand the seventh house psychologically. It is the house of quality of physical energy or our will to live in this physical plane. It is ninth from eleventh, which denotes the poorvbhagya of eleventh and eleventh is the house of gains, fulfillment of desires, associated with the person’s sense of self within the physical world. Being eleventh from ninth, seventh house also denotes the implementation of poorvbhagya of the native. Lastly it is third house from the fifth, denoting the extension of creativity. IN KALAPURUSH we have fixed the TULA rasi at seventh place denoting the balance of male or female energy or the balance of yin and yang. These few facts are enough to understand the seventh house as the energy pump for this physical life. So in love, marriage or wedlock whenever we need this physicality, we take this seventh house into consideration.

Third house is another aspect connected with Kama. Generally we see second house for family. But I think the third house which is second to second, ninth to seventh and fifth to eleventh is more appropriate to watch as it represents association, extended arms, confidence, and bondages. It is the house to take responsibility for ones needs. The newborn is brought to the breast, but must suck before nourishment is gained. This same principle holds throughout life. As the person matures, the fulfillment of his needs rests more and more upon himself. It is the house where maturity is reached and when this house functions properly, one ceases to blame others for one’s lacks in life and goes out to create what one needs and desires. Being poorvbhagya to seventh it destines our Kama equations vis-à-vis the seventh house. Who can deny that one who enters wedlock or union an association starts, maturity towards one self and other self comes and a new creation from the gains starts. In the division of KALAPURUSH, we have put MITHUN rasi at third house, which denotes nothing but union or maithun. This house is enough to understand spiritually whether it is a living relationship, marriage, sexual union, and one time affair or life time opportunity. Kama is more spiritual than physical issue. This is the only point where we misunderstood Kama and start looking the fructification through second house.

The most mysterious house among the twelve houses is the eleventh house. In context of Kama Purusharta, it is fifth from seventh and eleventh from third, denoting the creation of seventh and poorvbhagya of third. Whether this creation or assimilation will materialize or not will be judged by this house only. To me eleventh house is associated with the person’s sense of self within the society, his profession and with his peers. If a horoscope is not comfortable in this area of life, then this discomfort may very well be covered by pride to compensate for lack of self-esteem. This is the house, who will decide when, why, by which medium the desire will surface. In KALAPURUSH we have placed KUMBH rasi here which indicates pitcher or container. The eleventh house materializes at mental level which is deeply connected with our soul energy field. Whatever we choose to learn in this life is connected with this house. Who will deny that to every equation in life there is a hidden lesson behind and once this lesson is learnt the issue is over? The retrials, daily sexual union, quality and satisfaction of Kama, let them be it physically or spiritually, it is indicated by this house.

Coming back to the main issue, in the light of all above we can understand various physical, mental and spiritual issues connected with our theme. Start with understanding whether you are resolving sex, marriage, love or wedlock.

• If we are looking for the expansion of family, then we have to consider the second house with seventh and eleventh. Second is addition to first, denoting addition or capacity of addition. But if we are talking about the Kama purusharta, we should look at third, instead of second house. Marriage may happen once or more, it may not happen also, but sex predominantly happen disregard to custom called marriage. Bal vivah is also an example without expansion of family or sex.

• If we are talking about the quality of physical energy we should take seventh house into consideration and if we are talking about the quality of sexual energy then we should take eight houses into consideration. People with lots of physical energy may or may not have or use their sexual energy. It is a well known fact that sexual urge or energy may die before the physical death.

• If we are considering the exchange (receiving and giving) of mental, physical, spiritual pleasures, then we should take sixth house in consideration. Elaborate your thinking from the usual concept that sixth is the negation of seventh. Twelfth house of every house denotes exchange and not negation or denial in complete sense. Whether we will be able to exchange the energy or not will be decided by sixth house. Sixth is also eleventh to eighth.

• Eleventh is not result or gain or fulfillment of desire. Eleventh house denotes sense of self with the outer world. You may feel satisfied with and without sexual intercourse. In question of unnatural methods of sexual pleasures, this house can play an important role. In any case we are only concerned with the sense of self.

• If you are looking for the heart or feeling of love for others or openness to life look for the forth house and if want to investigate regarding pleasure be it spiritual or connected with wisdom or consciousness, take fifth house into consideration.

• For Ego, will or the outer world, look at the tenth house. The response with outer world regarding our love or openness is also judged by this house. The heart feelings of the other self may attach with the act and may not attach with this act.

• Lastly if you want to investigate the ability to carry out your ideas in practical way, judge twelfth house. It is seventh from the house of deep trance that is sixth.

Now, I think by understanding all these houses, we will be in a position to analyze accurately about the divine game called sex. Initially I wanted to investigate and authenticate this issue further with respected to kundalini, seven chakra system and interpretation of eleven houses energetically to understand in detail. Due to time and space constrain, I will take up these for the next issue.

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