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Attraction Marketing – Becoming a Superstar Internet Network Marketer

If you’ve been following my attraction marketing article series, you now understand the basic components of attraction marketing and how it works to attract endless leads and distributors. In essence, you can now see how professional network marketers have been able to demonstrate life-changing success in their own lives. And they’ve been able to do it almost overnight using the Internet. In conclusion, this proven marketing formula shows:

  1. Who is your target audience and what do they really want from you
  2. The easiest and fastest way to become an expert in your field
  3. How to use your unique personality traits to create value and a powerful personal brand; and
  4. How to market your brand and attract endless leads and resellers to your business

If you stopped here, you’d already be light years ahead of most of your competition if you have this knowledge. But when you combine attraction marketing with internet marketing, you unlock some powerful business secrets. Not only will you learn how to effectively attract and recruit distributors to your business, but you’ll also learn how to profit from your list quickly and many times over. By doing this, you will instantly overcome one of the biggest, if not the biggest, hurdles distributors face in their business life.

You see, when you start with just a pen and a blank sheet of paper, the first challenge of building your network marketing prospect list becomes very clear. Your circle of influence is limited. What happens when you have people to call? What happens if only 3 of your 100 friends and family decide to sign up? It won’t hurt your bank account.

As momentum slows and it becomes more difficult to talk business with enough people on a daily basis, distributors find themselves scrambling for cash to cover expenses and car quotas. At that point, they start using their personal funds to cover the expenses and suddenly their network marketing business becomes a liability instead of an opportunity. Game over.

Fortunately, the Internet based attraction marketing funnel eliminates this problem through the concept of list building, list monetization, and funded proposition. This is the secret weapon of today’s internet marketer. If you want to succeed and stay competitive, you need to follow suit. Fortunately, it is very easy to do.

In attraction marketing, money is always on the list

They say the money is on the list. In the previous article, we discussed how to collect leads and build your list effectively using pages and freebies. We then discussed the importance of building value-added relationships with your list to foster trust and communication. This is important because once you achieve this, you are allowed to market and sell your intellectual knowledge. In fact, you can market and sell almost anything you want as long as your offering meets the need. And that’s where a funded proposal comes into play.

A sponsored offer is a general information product that extends your free offer. The idea is to provide irresistible value and information in a product that is sold at a low price. This provides instant gratification for the majority of your potential customers, while the low price eliminates the risk of purchase. You can create your own product or market an existing affiliate funded proposition, for example Magnetic sponsorship or MyLeadSystem Pro. These are top-selling funded propositions that pay you a commission on every sale. Either way, the key is to deliver outstanding value. As long as your product offering legitimately delivers on your promise to your customers, you’ll hit home.

The reason you want to use a funded proposal is very simple. The hard truth is that most of the people you contact are not going to join your business opportunity. But many are willing to pay for your intellectual property and knowledge once you’ve built a relationship with them. After all, a large portion of your target audience is made up of existing network marketers who may be completely satisfied with their business. They just want to know how to make it more profitable.

When you fulfill this requirement through a funded proposal, you activate the basic formula of generating initial and immediate cash flow. That way, you stay afloat in your business while building long-term residual income in the background. Best of all, you’ll benefit from those who say “no” to your business opportunity. That way, 95% of your crops and labor won’t go to waste. And you can repeat this list monetization process over and over again. Simply market more useful tools and resources that meet the needs of your list. Chances are, if they bought from you before, they will buy from you again.

How Attraction Marketing Can Help Build Your Residual Income

Of course, if you’re in network marketing, you’re looking for this residual income opportunity. The great news is that while only a small percentage of your leads will actually join your business, an online attraction marketing funnel allows you to build your team at record speed.

As you cycle through free value emails and occasional product offers, you’re periodically marketing your primary business opportunity. Notice how far this step goes into play. First you build a relationship, then you provide useful tools and resources on the exchange, and now that you’ve established yourself as an expert, you market your backend product.

This is without a doubt the best way to select the best prospects for your business, and it works flawlessly time and time again. As long as you always provide value and build trust, you can always attract a loyal group of people who will follow you into whatever business you choose. This is why some superstar distributors can join a new business and reach the top of the charts almost overnight.

In conclusion, internet marketing and attraction marketing have completely changed the MLM home based business landscape. Gone are the days of chasing friends, family and strangers. You no longer have to attend hotel meetings or worry about running out of prospects to talk about your business. You no longer have to rely on one source of income. Dozens are available to you instantly. Basically, attraction marketing has solved all the major obstacles known to the network marketing industry in general. So if you don’t learn to play by the new rules, you might as well pack it in, because like it or not, your competition is going to eat your prospects for lunch.

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