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MXI Xocai Healthy Chocolate Review

Welcome to this Xocai healthy chocolate review. Healthy chocolate? Sounds like a pipe dream, perfect food. Well, if you didn’t know, you’ll be glad to know that healthy chocolate actually exists. Enter MXI Corporation’s Xocai line of antioxidant-rich dark chocolate products. You can be sure that sharing this healthy chocolate with others will benefit you greatly. This is one of the most exciting opportunities. We’re talking about the marriage of network marketing and the most popular food on the planet. I’m sure you know that everyone loves chocolate.

But most of my life I’ve heard it was bad for me, bad for my teeth, fattening and just plain unhealthy. This is actually true of most of the chocolate you find on your grocery store shelves. There are several reasons for this. Today’s chocolatiers first take out the natural cocoa butter and replace it with hydrogenated oils, waxes and milk fats. Next, they add tons of sugar, preservatives, and other chemicals to make the chocolate tastier. They also use a combination of “dutching” and roasting the cocoa beans at very high temperatures. Essentially, this saps most of the nutritional value out of the chocolate, similar to what happens when you overcook vegetables. Basically, it is excessive processing that creates unhealthy chocolate. MXI (Marketing Xocolate International) has developed a proprietary cold pressing process and proprietary formula of raw cocoa to create healthy chocolate products.

Now, chocolate is derived from cocoa beans, also known as cacao. This bean is the number one superfood in the world. Cacao has the highest known ORAC (Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity) score in the world. ORAC is a value used to compare the antioxidant content of different foods or supplements. Over 2,000 studies have been conducted on properly processed cocoa and dark chocolate. The results show that eating chocolate has many health benefits, benefits for cardiovascular health, cholesterol, weight control, oral health, and the list goes on.

The good folks at MXI have taken this superfood and incredible nutrient and combined it with the world’s second superfood, the Acai berry, to create an extraordinary line of Xocai products. Other ingredients include additional superfruits like blueberries and grapes. The cold pressing process ensures that the antioxidant content of each superfood is preserved. These all-natural products contain no artificial colors, flavors or fillers. They are diabetic safe and vegan/vegetarian friendly. The Xocai Healthy Chocolate product line includes Activ powder mix, power cookies, protein bars, energy drinks, X-Power squares and bars. I have tried the X-Power squares and found them quite tasty.

The Xocai product line began with the founding of MXI in 2005 by Jeannette and Andrew Brooks. MXI is a debt-free family business with operations in many countries around the world. Jeannette Brooks is the founding president. Her husband, Martin Brooks, is CEO, and her son and founding partner, Andrew, is vice president of sales and marketing. Jeanette’s brother, Kurtis Nielson, is vice president of information and technology. Dr. Steve Warren, no relation, serves as chief medical advisor and directs the company’s research. MXI has 73% which is phenomenal in this industry. It could be because people just love the product. Or it could be because MXI pays 50% of its revenue back to distributors. This could be due to the leadership of the people mentioned above or even the leadership of the industry. I think it’s a combination of all of the above.

Speaking of leading the industry, Xocai has produced several millionaires. The company’s ranks include a few retired professional athletes, such as former NFL great JJ Birden. Field management is the key to training, developing and retaining distributors. The person who first told me about Xocai several years ago is Michael Banning. Mike is a former Marine and Air Force reservist, so he knows a thing or two about managing people. He understands the importance of making sure his people have what they can to complete any mission. He also cares about people very deeply and it shows in everything he does. Mike and his wife Pam also own and operate the restaurant. So they also know something about business. Together they have helped many people in the North West become successful in sharing healthy chocolate.

Mike introduced Xocaid to another friend of mine, Gregory Seaver. Greg and his daughter Jocelyn Seaver-Nelson have also absolutely crushed it. Given the choice, I chose Greg as my mentor in our Air Force Reserve unit, even though we worked in different departments. As a senior noncommissioned officer, Greg was always busy, but somehow he always found time for people. You’ve always had his undivided attention. And so did every problem you brought to his attention. He is always ready to help. I’m sure his leadership and interpersonal skills have contributed to his success at Xocai. His daughter Jocelyn seems to have inherited this ability to communicate with people. In addition, he has taken the time to learn how to market online, so he is building quite a successful business both online and offline.

Great leadership from people like Mike, Pam, Greg and Jocelyn is key if you’re going to succeed at Xocai or any company. But there’s an old saying in the industry that says, “If it’s like that, it’s up to me.” No matter how great the company, the product, the management or your boss is, if you don’t work, it won’t work. To be truly effective in the network marketing business, you need to know how to network and you need to know how to market, hence the name. Most people know how to network, which means talking to people in their circle of influence. But few take the time to learn marketing and many give up before they learn it. In order to take advantage of the fact that Xocai is a global opportunity, you need to learn how to reach people all over the world. There are several automated marketing systems that can help you market and generate leads in markets around the world. Your superiors can certainly help you with this as well.

Rest assured that Xocai is not a scam. Healthy chocolate is real. MXI markets a product that is universally loved and it’s good for you too! They have a management team that is dedicated to the success of dealers and delivering a quality product to the public. They have outstanding field leaders such as Mike and Pam Banning, Greg Seaver and Jocelyn Seaver-Nelson. And they have an extraordinary opportunity that can make a big difference in your life. Do yourself a favor and learn more about this opportunity.

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