Which One Of The Following Is Not An Empirical Formula Spiritual and New Age Books – Many Include Good Advice, Some Empty Promises

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Spiritual and New Age Books – Many Include Good Advice, Some Empty Promises

We are often asked what metaphysical and spiritual books we recommend.

You’ll find a grain of truth, wisdom, and plenty of inspiration (“You can do it!–ra-ra!”) in most metaphysical publications, especially bestsellers. After all, you’d think a lot of people bought them because of the worthwhile content, not just a big-name author or highly effective PR and marketing. At least we hope so.

You may not like us after reading this article. But if you take our advice, you’ll end up forgiving us, even thanking us for helping you save a ton of time and money on your spiritual journey. We’d rather create positive karma (how selfish of us!) than lead you down the path of illusion just to make a quick buck.

If you’re new to metaphysics or just want to get a deeper understanding of it, we recommend titles that objectively cover the basics, such as reincarnation, personal karma, destiny, fate (the same as what we think of as fate), and meditation. , among others. A basic knowledge of numerology, astrology, and other tools of self-discovery can be very helpful, but a lack of knowledge of the esoteric sciences can do more harm than good if you don’t develop and rely more on your intuition.

Why are these topics so important? There is a good reason why they are an important part of most of the world’s major non-Western religions and spiritual philosophies. When you understand the inner workings of these sacred themes, your life and the world around you will make more sense.

Regarding astrology and numerology, we recommend works (or modern objective interpretations of these works) before 1600 AD (with some exceptions). While we value some forms of personality analysis using selected forms of modern psychological astrology and numerology, we have found most modern methods to be overly subjective and recklessly creative and therefore invalid.

Whatever title you choose, beware that the author’s theories and messages deny personal destiny and karma, and refuse to acknowledge that varying degrees of personal adversity are necessary for spiritual growth.

Imagine! Seemingly inevitable trials, whether related to finances, your health, or your lover, family, or boss, ultimately led to you being a much wiser person. Who would have thought it possible that you could be grateful for such experiences and that they would serve you well?

Too many prominent authors in the New Age and spiritual arenas avoid discussing or even mentioning such difficult spiritual truths as those involving the less fun parts of life and those related to your mental control and balance.

This may be because they have not studied the concepts and are not aware of their importance. Or it could be that fate and karma are very much at odds with the core messages of their book or books, sometimes even completely invalidating their claims or steps to success.

Personally, we feel we owe it to our readers and customers to be open about fate, karma, and other metaphysical matters. At first, we may lose some potential customers who don’t want to face the reality of these issues, but because people are better off with the awareness in the long run, we’re often thanked later. We’re simply sharing the results of our 20 years of empirical research without an agenda and without a rigid marketing platform that doesn’t allow for information that isn’t 100% gratifying, uplifting, or inspiring.

The following are quotations from various well-known spiritual and metaphysical authors and teachers, with our comments showing you how, in our well-researched opinion, they mislead people.

“Life should be good for you. You can be, do or have anything you want.”

And when you buy this book, you will instantly manifest a simple and luxurious life, erasing all your negative karma and having everything you want! Sorry, this is pure, made-up, wishful thinking. There is no such thing as utopia, and anyone who tries to sell it is either delusional or trying to win over you for their own financial gain.

“Did you know you have the power to eliminate all struggles in your life?”

Of course, just change your thinking and all problems will disappear! It has to do with a secret (New Age) spiritual formula otherwise known as denial and self-deception. Yes, the way you perceive your life circumstances can change, but that doesn’t allow you to skip the karma that was set in motion before you were born, or to step away from important, challenging life circumstances that strengthen your soul.

“Inside you’ll find all the tools you need to get everything you want out of life.”

On the last page of this book is one word in size 17, in bold: “Miracle!” Truly, there are no magic solutions to life’s complexities, as most realize (or will come to realize over time).

“…helps you learn how to express your desires so that you live the joyful and fulfilling life you deserve. …It is your birthright to live a life filled with all that is good – and this book will show you how to do it every way to do so!”

As we have said many times in previous articles, we have found through extensive empirical research that everyone’s birthright is different and no one is entitled to anything they have not karmically earned. All that’s good they say? Without “bad” there would be no “good”.

We’ll soon be seeing New Age books making promises like, “You deserve to overcome the need to poop” and “It’s your birthright to feel energized without needing to sleep anymore!”

“A world of endless possibilities awaits you.”

Not quite. What awaits you is what your soul has planned before incarnation and it may clash with what your ego-self (personality) wants.

“…Allows you to balance your key emotions to reach your destiny.”

Simply “balancing your emotions” to get everything you want is like simply pasting an insincere smile on your face in an attempt to feel true fulfillment. Your destiny is not a destination, it is not “the life of your dreams” with all the trappings of material and romantic success, and it is only sometimes what you consciously choose. This is your personal destiny and it is determined by your soul, not your conscious mind.

It is ironic that the author of this book uses the word fate in the title, but clearly does not even understand its true meaning, the constant meaning that has been associated with the word since the ancients began to predict personal fate!

“…Helps you get in touch with the inexhaustible and natural flow of wealth. Once you tap into that flow, you can maintain and increase it indefinitely… You deserve to live with freedom, flow and confidence.”

Grow wealth endlessly? We teach, for example in our Direct Your Destiny e-package, how to get the most out of your life. We believe that you have free will to achieve the goals you set and those that fit your personal karma and destiny plan. However, no New Age or spiritual author that we know of has directly or even indirectly helped produce billionaires, but there are certainly many millionaire snake oil salesmen today. authors. There are personal limits in life and you cannot reach any particular goal unless you are destined to do so. If you don’t believe that, you would if you had done as much objective work in the field as we have. It is impossible to deny the amazing connections between personal destiny, karma and past life regression work, well-honed intuition and comprehensive numerology and astrology charts.

“Life is magical. It doesn’t have to be complicated. The universe we each experience can be luminous. Your life can be anything you imagine.”

We agree that life is magical and as long as you have a great imagination you can imagine anything you want. In fact, imagination is a great tool to bridge the gap to reality. But those dreams will not become reality unless they are part of the path you set. The good news is that when you’re focused and grounded (regular meditation helps), you naturally tend to focus on the goals and dreams you’ve been assigned.

“A person’s positive thoughts are powerful magnets that attract wealth, health, happiness.”

This is excerpted from one of the best-selling metaphysical books published in recent years. We have written about this in previous articles.

It is unfortunate that this overly simplistic spiritual view, which denies all other conflicting spiritual laws, suggests that people who suffer from natural disasters or who die in a plane crash, for example, must have had few positive thoughts that day.

Are these authors selling their souls to the devil to make money? Most of them probably mean well (we hope!), but be wary of big, life-changing claims. If it sounds too good to be true, it is.

Hey, we all seek a lot of inspiration, but if it’s not grounded in spiritual truth, it’s not ultimately for your highest good. Do you see now why the New Age has earned a bad reputation?

Commercially corrupted versions of spirituality are hot sellers because the packaging is captivating, the marketing is powerful, instant credibility is given to almost anyone appearing in the mainstream media, a herd mentality exists, and people have always sought immediate gratification and the quick. fixes.

We encourage you to read whatever appeals to you, as you will find wisdom and inspiration in most books, often just what you need at the time. But remember that if the author promises, for example, a perfectly suitable soul mate or overflowing financial abundance, these may not be your personal birthrights, and such lofty goals cannot be achieved unless they are part of one’s destiny. do. Each person’s personal destiny is different.

In all self-help, inspirational, and spiritual books, we would like to see a one-page disclaimer about the reality of fate and karma and personal misfortunes and how the promises made by the author do not apply to everyone or even to anyone. . But perhaps everyone’s personal destiny and karma is not to be aware of the concepts of destiny and karma, despite their lives being governed by them.

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